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Jamie Wilson

OCCUPATION: Owner of Brilliant Sky Toys and Books in Highland Village

PERSONAL STATS: After getting a nursing degree at Vernon College, Jamie, a self-proclaimed small-town girl from Wichita Falls, headed to Big D to work as a trauma-surgical ICU nurse at Methodist Dallas Medical Center. Taking a breather from her crazy-hectic work schedule, she joined a group of friends on a vacation and her life took an unplanned turn on the road to Colorado. On the bus out to the mountains, she met now-husband Chip—they’ve been inseparable since. In fact, the new parents found a way to spend even more time with each other by opening up a shop together last September (mere months after their second daughter Mia’s birth in January 2009; eldest daughter Kaylee is 3).

“When I wanted to buy toys for my daughter, I could only find plastic toys promoting TV characters at large chain retailers—things that would break in a week. I don’t remember having tons of licensed characters on the toys I played with as a child. We almost never turn on the TV and we want our store to reflect that. The most important thing to us as parents is to spend quality time with our kids—everything in our store reflects that.”

“I loved playing with basic wooden blocks. My husband and I looked everywhere for them to buy for our daughter and we couldn’t find them! I also had a wooden stick pony that my grandmother kept at her house; I remember playing with that for hours! It’s amazing to think that simple, basic toys have become hard to find for our own children.”

“[It’s] a challenge, but I think we work pretty well together. He’s great about taking care of the girls for an evening if I want to go out with girlfriends; but the truth is that I’d rather be at home most of the time. I love my family and that’s really who I love to spend my free time with.”

“We didn’t expect that opening this store would create a little community of parents in this area, but it has. People tell us they come here because they know that my husband and I live here—they know we’re not trying to make a buck, we’re trying to make a difference. That’s very fulfilling and makes all of the hard work—and there’s lots of hard work—worth it.”