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Jamie O’Banion of BeautyBioscience On Microneedling, Mom Guilt and Running a Business

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the emails, work deadlines and holiday to-dos that piled up over the long weekend, we’d like to introduce you to the hardworking mom boss who built a career making it pretty easy to take care of yourself. Jamie O’Banion, the founder & CEO of Beauty Bioscience and mom of Benton, 11, Aubrey, 7, and Gracie, 4, has tons of advice to share on balancing business and your babes at home. We caught up with our former Mom Next Door about her beauty biz, her growing family and her exciting new product released just in time for the holidays. Read on to learn how she gets it all done.

Tip 1: No mom guilt allowed
“Balancing motherhood and being a great CEO is a challenge — but I never apologize for being either. I have one son and two daughters, and I don’t want my daughters to ever to feel guilty about pursuing their passion and creating a livelihood for themselves. I would never expect my husband to apologize if he had to go to San Francisco to meet with investors, so why should I? I always arrange my flights so I can drop the kids off at school. I tell them, ‘I’m going to do my job, you do yours and rock that test. We’ll high-five when I get home.’ For me, it’s about framing the dialogue correctly and always working as a team.”

Tip 2: Be a role model for your kids
“When we launched at Harrods last summer, I loved hearing my sweet 8-year-old say: ‘Look Mommy! It’s our brand!’ All I wish for them is to love whatever they do one day as much as I love what I get to do every day.”

Tip 3: Figure out what ‘doing it all’ looks like to you
“The challenge of being a woman, whether you’re a mother or otherwise, is we end up being the caretakers of life. I have three kids. […] I was birthing the company and kids at the same time. When Gracie was born, they wanted me back on HSN when she was three weeks old. It was a huge show, but I was like, ‘I need to do this.’ I was on email right until the delivery room. My sweet mother came with me to Tampa [where HSN is filmed], and I would nurse the baby between shows and had the breast pump in the car.”

Tip 4: Be flexible
“I’m also constantly pivoting, and believe it’s one of the most important skills an entrepreneur can possess. When something isn’t working, I pivot quickly in order to minimize the financial and emotional strain.”

Tip 5: Learn from your family at home (and your family at the office, s/o to all those #workwives!)
“I firmly believe motherhood has made me a better leader. Anyone who has ever negotiated with a two-year-old learns to quickly expand their threshold for patience. I consider my team part of my extended work family, and am fortunate enough to have incredibly talented members who can self-manage and are as committed as I am to our brand. It helps that they know their leader is burning the midnight oil right beside them.”

Tip 6: Embrace your hustle, but don’t shy away from beauty products that help make it all look pretty easy
One of Beauty Bioscience’s Holy Grail products is the GloPRO microneedling tool, a skincare device shown to help combat signs of aging. According to O’Banion, after we turn 18, we lose one percent of collagen (a protein in the body responsible for strengthening joints and maintaining skin structure and hydration, to name a few functions) per year. The tool’s three cutting-edge technologies stimulate collagen to create a more youthful appear. “If you use it for a good moment—20 seconds on each quadrant of your face—the next morning your skin is literally fuller. It’s this crazy instant glow that you get to the skin the first night,” she says. “Using the tool also helps your skin care absorb more effectively, so if you’re spending $600 on a serum, it’s your insurance.” Thankfully, the goodies at Beauty Bio won’t break the bank. The company’s latest launch, R45 The Reversal Kit, promises heavy-duty wrinkle reduction for a cool 150 bucks.

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