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“The Horse Boy” by Rupert Isaacson

The Horse Boy: A Father’s Quest to Heal His Son, released in April, is the story of author Rupert Isaacson and his family’s journey to Mongolia. Isaacson, his wife, Kristin, and their son, Rowan, who has autism, travel on horseback through the country, seeking various shamanic healers to help them connect with Rowan.

Isaacson says this about his son’s diagnosis, which came in 2004 when Rowan was 2: “The feeling was like being hit across the face with a baseball bat. I had to find a way into his mind. I found it, amazingly, through a horse, Betsy. When Rowan got on Betsy, he began to talk, to let me into his world.”

The book has been made into a movie, which will be released this fall. For more information, go to www.horseboymovie.com.