March 2018

is your home making you sick? how to get rid of toxic materials

Is Your Home Making You Sick?

Your home is your refuge. But what if your home is making you sick? Chemicals lurking in your furniture, walls and cleaning supplies could be making your family sick. Here’s what to know about detoxing your house, whether that’s a total reno or quick, simple solutions for improving your well-being.

Meet the 4 Female Judges Behind the Youth Empowerment Program, Pipeline to Possibilities

Inspired by their mutual interest in breaking down Dallas County’s school-to-prison pipeline, the Honorable Judges Stephanie Mitchell, Lisa Green, Shequitta Kelly and Amber Givens-Davis formed Pipeline to Possibilities, an empowerment program aimed at the city’s most vulnerable teens. Since its inception in 2016, Pipeline to Possibilities has guided approximately 300 at-risk youth in Dallas County toward a path to a better future.