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<i>So Many Stars</i>

So Many Stars
Illustrated by Andy Warhol
Suggested ages: 2 and older
Barnes & Noble Booksellers
Multiple locations
From pop art icon Andy Warhol comes a collection of hand-drawn illustrations that have been rediscovered and combined in this board book for children. Cats, dogs, insects, songbirds and characters in his blotted-ink style describe their surroundings using the word so: Spaghetti is "so slippery,” a tightrope walker is “so daring” and a bowl of walnuts is “so nutty.” Warhol’s cursive scrawl makes images made even more whimsical. Get a look at yourself and your young reader through the foiled mirror on the last page and as a complement to the book, download the So Many Stars iPad app for moving graphics.

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Published March 2014