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How to Relieve Discomforts of Pregnancy

Tips and tricks from an expert on beating those pesky pains associated with pregnancy, from backaches to an increase in shoe size

“Some people say there are three genders – male, female and pregnant,” says Dawn Hallman, director of the Dallas Association for Parent Education. The demands on a pregnant woman’s body, and the accompanying aches and pains, can change her whole outlook on life. For the common, nonserious discomforts of pregnancy, she offers simple at-home remedies to help women feel like themselves again.

  • Nausea: Sea-Bands, peppermint and/or a cold soda can on the back of the neck.
  • Heartburn: Chew gum or suck on a peppermint; don’t eat too soon before bed; elevate the headboard or mattress; stay away from caffeine and carbonation.
  • Backaches: Put a pillow between the legs and/or do pelvic tilts on hands and knees.
  • High blood pressure: Do whatever you can to relax; blow bubbles; drink more water; eat things high in protein.
  • Hemorrhoids: Avoid standing for long periods of time.
  • Leg cramps: Some people find relief by pinching their upper lip; stand up if it happens while you’re lying down but avoid pointing your toes.
  • Trouble urinating: Lift up and hold your belly while sitting.
  • Yeast infection: Eat yogurt with active ingredients.
  • Increase in shoe size: Buy new shoes and bigger shoes.
  • Lack of energy: Rub ears anywhere from lobe to top of ear.
  • Trouble falling asleep: Avoid screens; turn off the TV; stay off Pinterest; read a real book; ask your partner to rub your back; take a bath or something else quiet.

Hallman stresses pregnant women should not take even simple products like aspirin or St. John’s wort without first talking to their physician.