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How to Refresh Your Home for Less

it can be done

Do you ever walk around your space during the start of a new year thinking, This room needs an update? You’re not alone. Just like with resolutions that might focus on refreshing your wellness or habits, you can refresh your home too.

But it doesn’t have to be some major Joanna Gaines makeover or a re-do that breaks the bank—updating one of your rooms for less is possible. Here’s how.


One of the simplest ways to update your living room is by replacing smaller items, such as throw pillows, throw blankets, lamps or pictures.

For example, if your room leans more neutral, add a different pop of color now and then through throw pillows or blankets. Fall can have some auburns and oranges, while spring and summer can have some greens or blues. Target, Walmart, HomeGoods and At Home are some great places to find deals on pillows and throws.

Have a blank wall? Put up some artwork to add some color or family pictures you love. This could be your time to create that gallery wall you’ve always wanted. We even have a guide on how to put a gallery wall together!

Does your room have a bunch of small items or knick-knacks? Consider decreasing the number you display, rather than just swapping them out or moving them around. Making your space slightly less cluttered can make the room feel bigger and brighter. Remember Marie Kondo’s words: “Does this bring you joy?” If not, get rid of it.

Want to do something bigger without a big hit to your wallet? Bring in some new paint. It’s mind-blowing how much a fresh coat of paint can really update a room. Maybe you’ve had some white walls for a long time and want a little color but don’t want something too intense, go gray. Tired of gray? Go with a sage green or a navy-blue accent wall to spice things up a little. Sherwin Williams’ 50 most popular colors are available here.

But the repainting doesn’t have to stop with just your walls. Do you have a fireplace? If it’s a brick fireplace, repaint the brick with a different color from the walls so that it stands out from the rest of the room. Or even the mantel can be repainted.

For example, if you choose gray walls, go for a not-too-bright white for the fireplace. (Origami White next to Repose Gray is a solid choice.) You’ll be surprised at how simply changing the paint here will shift the room’s focus.


We know, it can be hard to refresh your kitchen without doing a total renovation, but there are some small ways that can make your kitchen feel a tad newer.

Do you have a kitchen island? Spend a little more and purchase some new bar or counter stools. Maybe go for a totally different look this time. Some really cool trends popping up right now are faux leather counter stools and those made with rattan or wicker.

You can also change out the hardware on your cabinets. If you have that old school brass and want something a bit more modern, go for a chic brushed nickel or wrought iron. Changing the hardware on your cabinets can quickly make them look new. Amazon has a ton of options in various packages for way less than some hardware stores.

Want to go big? Have your cabinets or kitchen island repainted. Word to the wise though: Have this done professionally. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference it makes. Professionals are able to sand the doors down and use a sprayer for the paint to give it that even, smooth look.

Even if you sand it well, you will see brush strokes. This update is not one where you should cut corners. Don’t know a professional painter? Ask your local Sherwin Williams store for referrals.

Another slightly more expensive way to create a new look in the kitchen, without going too overboard, is to get new light fixtures. Maybe that dining room brass chandelier has been in there since you moved in. Swap it out for something more modern. (We’re loving the sleek, linear chandeliers in the black finish right now.) Home Depot has some fixtures for less, as do stores like Lamps Plus.


The simplest way to refresh your bedroom is by getting new bedding. But don’t get rid of your usual stuff! An easy way to keep things fresh without constantly buying new bedding is to just switch back and forth with the sets you have.

For example, have one set that’s neutral with maybe some white or grays, then have another set with a relaxing print with some blues or greens—make sure the print won’t keep you awake though. If you choose a distinctive color or design for each set, you’ll have a different feel to the room each time you switch.

Another way to refresh this room—just like with your living room—is to declutter. Having less stuff in your bedroom helps you feel less anxious, then you can sleep better. It’s science. (Maybe.)

Also, try swapping out some of the smaller items you have, like your pillows or lamps. Maybe get a different headboard or new artwork to go at the head of your bed. Target has some cool artwork right now, like this black-and-white longhorn print or this set of three botanical canvases.

Have an empty wall? Get a full-length mirror to place there. It’ll make your room feel bigger and double as a spot to check your outfit. This full-length mirror from Wayfair has a ton of reviews and comes in different finishes.

Need more than just a few little changes? Change up the paint color or swap out your nightstands, dresser or ceiling fan. It’ll cost you more but will definitely give the room a new feel. We’re loving these nightstands from World Market and this fun light fixture if you don’t use, or want, a ceiling fan.

If you want to go really big, have your carpet professionally cleaned or bring in some new carpet if what you have looks dingy. Do you have wood floor? Bring in a new area rug or have the rug you already own professionally cleaned. Either way, it’ll look brand new!

How have you refreshed your home? Tell us at editorial@dfwchild.com.

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