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How To (Really) Prepare for Back-to-School

returning to a sense of normalcy

At this point, we’re all aware that 2020 has been a very unusual year. With months of crisis homeschooling followed up by a summer of social distancing, your kids are probably way out of their norm. So how do you prepare for back-to-school?

It might be tricky if you’ve let bedtime slide later than usual, or if sweets joined your children’s diet as a major food group. But whatever changes they’ve grown accustomed to, Dr. Justin Smith—pediatrician with Cook Children’s Pediatrics – Trophy Club—has some advice for you. Check out his recommendations that will help kiddos recapture a sense of normalcy as we gear up for another school year.

Eat Right

“Helping your child get back into the swing of healthy eating might be a challenge after the extra-long summer,” Smith says. “Start now by introducing a balanced lunch with fruits and vegetables. Some kids might like shapes and textures, but don’t feel like you have to spend 30 minutes prepping lunches every day. A simple sandwich with a fruit or veggie side is perfect.”

Get Some ZZZs

Smith says now is the time to start getting your child back to a more “school appropriate sleep schedule.”

“Don’t make the change all at once. Walk their bedtime back 15 minutes every few days until they are back at the right time. You can also start building a routine into their day that will help them start to wind down by bedtime.”

Prepare for Masks

For those starting back to school on time, Smith notes it’s likely that masks will be a part of their life for the time being. “Start by having your child wear their mask for short periods at a time,” he suggests. “Set a good example by wearing yours at the same time. Encourage them to speak a little louder and slower so that they can be understood.”

How are you getting your kiddo prepped for back to school? Let us know at editorial@dfwchild.com.

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