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Date night during quarantine.

How To: Quarantine Date Night

date night can still happen mid-quarantine

With schools closed, restaurants are take-out or drive-thru only and the kids are around all the time, how on earth are you supposed to have date night? Let alone time just you and your partner? Our mommy blogger Jenay gave us a few of her ideas on how to do a quarantine date night. Check it out.

My husband and I often speak fondly about a yet-to-be-scheduled date night in the future. We see commercials for interesting movies, or new restaurants and say to each other, “That would make a great date night; let’s do that soon!”

Then we go back to the regular 9-to-5 (who am I kidding, more like 7-to-6) of our daily “rat race.”

And when social distancing happened, we found ourselves trapped at home (my husband only part-time as he still goes to work in healthcare), and saw our dreams of a well-needed date night to ourselves fade away.

But then we were thinking, What if it didn’t? This quarantine period has served as a giant reminder to take life one day at a time and enjoy the people you love most.

So, we have planned to have our first quarantine date night this weekend. Want to try it? Here’s what you need to do:

Get a Sitter

With four young kids and no family on this side of the country, this is usually how our grand plans fail before they even start. But now that everyone is stuck in the house, this is finally within reach.

First, make their bedroom very fun and safe. To entice them, mine are getting the remote with all of the streaming choices at their fingertips (or so they think, thank you parental controls!).

This can be achieved with a stack of movies and books, some long-forgotten toys, well-charged tablets and a big bowl of popcorn. As a fail-safe, I’m going to pull out the tent and set it up in their room with pillows and blankets.

I’ll be lucky if they want to come out before Sunday.

Prepare a Romantic Meal

There are a few options for this one. If you’re well stocked, search Pinterest for an intricate recipe (hey, you’ve got the time!) and make it together.

This is a good opportunity to raid your food supply—I found smoked oysters, artichokes and fancy cheeses, and my husband found a crown roast deep in our freezer.

Those things might not sound like they go together, but put pretty much anything on a wooden board, intersperse some grapes and celery leaves, and you’ve got quarantine charcuterie.

If you aren’t sequestered with a lot of groceries at home, many restaurants in the area are offering pick-up meals, or even family packs of food to cook yourself.

Have teenagers stuck with you at home? Have them serve the food like fancy wait staff before sending them off to Tik Tok in peace.

Set the Mood

The emergency prepper in me won’t touch the batteries or candles, so I’m creating ambiance with twinkle lights for a bedroom picnic.

Younger folks can spread a blanket on the floor, but three herniated disks between us, my husband and I will be setting our spread right on the bed.

Saving a good bottle of wine or bubbly for a “celebration?” You’ll always remember quarantine date night, so I say, pop the cork!

We have plenty of wine on hand (that’s what I was hoard-buying while the amateurs were stocking up on toilet paper), but there are plenty of nonalcoholic sips as well.

Mix it up and have fun!

Date Night Activities

You can always watch a new or favorite movie, but these times almost beg for something out of the ordinary. Dust off the wedding album and remember yourselves when you were younger, thinner and had less kids.

What better time than for a private viewing of your wedding video? In fact, looking through old family photos and movies can help you feel more connected and blessed. It’s like a date night with a side of marriage counseling.

To be honest, I got married very young and didn’t think the wedding videographer was a necessary expense, so we will probably end up watching stand-up comedy specials on Netflix (we have a similar sense of humor).

Can’t agree on date night viewing? Fire up the jets on the Jacuzzi tub you only use to store laundry or wash dogs in. After that, the night will practically plan itself.

And parents? Lock the door …

Jenay Sherman is a Christian, wife, and mother to four boys in McKinney, Texas. She was selected as the 2017 Texas Mother of the Year, and loves writing about their family adventures. You can follow along on Scary Mommy, or on her personal site, 4 Amusing Muses.

Image courtesy of Pexels.