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How To Prepare Your Family for International Travel

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MD Pediatric Associates understands that the well-being of each child is a family affair. That’s why their team is committed to helping you navigate every aspect of childhood—including those extending far beyond the doctor’s office. We’ve asked Dr. Vani Venkatachalam to weigh in on prepping your family for healthy international travel.

How do I know what vaccinations I need?
Check the Center for Disease Control website, which provides a list of vaccinations sorted by location. Get those vaccinations on the calendar at least 2–4 weeks before departure, as some vaccines need time to kick in. Whether or not you’re taking anti-malarial meds, bring along clinical-strength bug spray to protect against mosquito-borne illness.

How do I protect my family from germs on the airplane?
Drink plenty of fluids, and use a saline spray to keep your nose moist (this helps the infection fighting ability for airborne germs.) Apply hand sanitizer before each meal and after walking through the aisles.

What rules should I follow regarding food and water intake?
Make sure that you’re eating food that is cooked, and that all fruits and vegetables are peeled. Avoid salads—if improperly washed, these can lead to food-borne illnesses. Stick to bottled drinks with the seal intact, or water that has been boiled.

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