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How to Get Your Kids Involved With North Texas Giving Day

encourage their generosity going forward

North Texas Giving Day is Sept. 17 and it’s an awesome opportunity to support local organizations. This year, NTGD will benefit over 3,000 nonprofits.

So while you’re the one with the money to make donations, you can also get the kiddos involved. But how?

One way is to ask them what aspects of their community they would like to help. For instance, if your kiddo is concerned about others going hungry, find an organization that focuses on fighting hunger. If your child loves animals, find an organization that helps furry friends. Asking for your child’s input on which organization to support can make your kids will feel like they were part of the giving and encourage generosity gong forward.

Another way to involve your kids is to check out some of the kid-focused resources available on the NTGD website. You’ll find TEKS-correlated activities for grades 3–12, a coloring page that’s free to download, as well as a Learning to Give resource sheet.

And remember, early giving is still available, so you don’t have to wait until Sept. 17 to donate. Happy Giving!

Image courtesy of Kim Leeson.