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How To: Family Holiday Card Outfits

how to find the right outfits for the whole family for your next holiday card

If you’re planning to send a holiday card this year, chances are you’re already in the midst of finding a time to get the whole family together for that perfect picture. On top of that, there’s the task of deciding what to wear in the picture. Recently, there’s been a trend having the family match, or at least coordinate their outfits. But if you’re not exactly a fashion guru, or you have kids who just refuse to wear what you put in front of them, how on earth do you do that? Where do you even start? Our mommy blogger Jillian Prado has some great ideas for you—everything from planning for your outfit first, to finding the right color scheme.

Planning for family holiday photos and don’t know what to wear? Don’t let the stress of the upcoming holidays stifle your family’s style. Use this as an opportunity to create memories—have fun and let your family’s personality shine.

First thing’s first, identify what you plan to wear before anyone else. I know, I know, this is a hard concept to process. We all put our babies first and we all love putting them in the most adorable outfits. But I’ve noticed that it is so much easier to find coordinating pieces for the kids (let’s face it, everything looks cuter in a 2T). But trust me, it helps to get excited about your outfit first in order to naturally spark some creativity when choosing the rest.

When picking out your outfit, don’t be afraid to take some risk. This could be you finally wearing that sequin embroidered gown you’ve had in your closet for years, hoping to have somewhere to wear it one day. Here’s your chance! Or, it could be as easy as planning to wear that fall suede hat you’ve had your eye on. There are no limits for holiday photos, and you should use them as a chance to bring out that holiday charm. Take that risk, mamma!

Once you’ve landed on your outfit, it’s time to start coordinating the rest of the family. It’s easiest to keep all of the outfits within the same color scheme; this ties the look together but keeps it from being too matchy-matchy. I always ground our looks with one color so we can have more fun with mixing and matching prints and patterns. For example, if your sequin gown (see what I did there, ha!) is hunter green, look for a winter plaid or dot that also has hunter green as the star or accent—both are acceptable. If you’re having a hard time finding the exact colors, feel free to integrate color-coordinating accessories if needed.

Now that you have your color-grounded-matching-outfits picked, it’s time to accessorize. I always encourage families to go wild on their accessories rather than with their photo props. Hats, bow ties, stacked bracelets and statement headbands bring an easy glam and style to any shoot, while over set propping can make it too busy and take the attention off the family. We don’t want that—so keep it simple with a sitting blanket (yes, with coordinating colors!), or bring in the family dog. Your friends and family want to see your family in their element, so pick a natural atmosphere that will showcase this.

Finally, remember to be yourselves; feel comfortable and excited to take these pictures! The whole point of holiday photos is to share love and spread joy during the season, and there is no better way than to capture your family being yourselves and enjoying one another. Happy Holiday Photo Season, moms! You will all be great!

Below are a few examples and ideas for navy-grounded outfits categorized by family member:

For Mom:
Dress | Boater Hat | Bootie

For Dad:
Button Down | Trousers | Chelsea Boot

For Daughter:
Ruffle Popover | Tulle Skirt | Speckled Stockings | Fur Trimmed Boots | Pom Pom Headband

For Son:
Sherpa Hoodie | Flex Joggers | Vans

Jillian is currently leading Trend at The Michaels Companies, Inc. and has accolades amongst both fashion and trend corporations, having previously worked with industry giants such as Balenciaga, Twenty8Twelve, WWD and JCPenney. In her spare time, she is the editor of Drastically Appropriate, a Dallas based mom and fashion blog that displays her sometimes drastic, but always appropriate, style. Follow along with Jillian on Instagram and Facebook as she tries to keep it real while juggling her dream job, spending time with her soccer-obsessed husband, raising their 21-month old daughter and caring for their geriatric mini Pomeranian. 

Image courtesy of Emilee Prado.