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Easter eggs for celebrating Easter at home

How to Celebrate Easter At Home

it just takes a little creativity

This year, Easter is going to be very different. When you usually get together with extended family, you’ll be staying home. When you usually get dressed up in your Sunday best and make your way to church, you’ll be staying home. So how do you keep the celebration alive? How do you celebrate Easter at home? Our mommy blogger Jenay told us what she’s doing for the holiday. Check it out.

While many have celebrated birthdays and anniversaries while sheltering-in-place, Easter is our first big holiday we will celebrate indoors. Some people have already decided to let it pass as just another in the endless blur of days on the calendar.

But with a little planning, you can still make Easter stand out as a special day among the rest. Here are some ideas you can use if you want to celebrate Easter at home.

Do An Egg Hunt

Or, maybe not with real eggs. Eggs are one item I have sought even more desperately than toilet paper during this whole situation. I have four (large) boys, and typically buy 5 dozen eggs a week. Now that they are nearly impossible to order for pickup or delivery, I’ve been rationing our egg use like a prison warden.

No way am I going to boil dozens of my precious inventory for color dying—even if we can make a million deviled eggs later.

Luckily, I considered this before my last grocery order and added a bag of plastic eggs in my cart. These are just as fun (and less messy) to decorate with markers and stickers. Problem solved!

I also grabbed a few bags of candy to fill them, but if you don’t have any then don’t fret. Substitute coins and make the kids count their money to determine the ultimate egg-seeking champion.

As for the hunting, don’t be afraid to use indoor and outdoor hiding spaces around your yard. Sequester the kids in the laundry room while you hide them in real time if you really want to build the suspense.

Or, don’t hunt for eggs at all. A scavenger hunt would be just as fun—especially for older kids or adults. Have them search for a list of items around the house to fill in their baskets. This is even a good way to make the kids find that long lost remote!

Keep the Faith

If you celebrate the Christian aspects of Easter like we do, you might not be looking forward to reducing one of the biggest Sundays of the year to streaming service from the couch. So by all means, jazz it up a bit!

Optimize the streaming experience by setting up your home theater in advance. Connect your computer or laptop to your speaker system, or stream the service from your phone and airdrop or screencast to your television.

To make this Sunday stream stand out, wear your Sunday best to the TV room and watch in style. Or if Easter in your PJs is just too enticing, consider other ways to make this service special. Begin with a family prayer, or have everyone tell their favorite part of the service afterwards. Take an extra moment or two to have everyone engage in what they learned.

Honor Traditions

One Easter tradition I love are all the portraits of smiling families in their Easter finest flood my timeline. If this is something you enjoy, don’t let it pass without capturing the moment!

You can plan your standard color-coordinated outfits, or do a funny theme—just set the camera on a table with the auto feature so everyone can be included. Warning: there will probably be lots of mess ups, but consider that part of the fun! If your older kids are too “cool” to say cheese, let them come up with the theme so they will participate. You might be surprised at their creativity. 

When preparing the family meal, you might not have the items on your traditional menu, so this is an opportunity to break away from tradition. You can order a fancy meal from one of the restaurants offering this service (call around for options). You’ll never forget the year everyone was stuck indoors on Easter and you celebrated with a pizza or Chinese delivery feast! Just gathering the family around the table creates that feeling of connection.

Have An Ounce of Preparation

If you aren’t ready, don’t worry—you still have time to get your bunnies in a row. Try to schedule a grocery order now for the things you will need. Grocery stores sell Easter candy and plastic eggs (though good luck finding those real ones).

If you are dreaming of creating Easter baskets for the kids, remember, Amazon has started prioritizing most items but some things are still available to get within a few days. One thing I noticed still shipping quickly are family games! Rather than go all out making individual baskets full of goodies, consider getting one or two games the entire family can enjoy together. 

Be Kind to Yourself

Whatever you do, remember, this is not the new normal. If you’re too stressed or overwhelmed to make this Easter special, don’t beat yourself up.

But just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you have to completely waste the day. Even a few minutes spent in quiet reflection, reading your Bible or on a devotional app can help you get centered and focus on the real meaning of Easter. Staying home is a sacrifice you make for your family and others in your community, and that’s actually more in line with the spirit of the holiday.

So take a breath, and try to make the most of it.

Jenay Sherman is a Christian, wife, and mother to four boys in McKinney, Texas. She was selected as the 2017 Texas Mother of the Year, and loves writing about their family adventures. You can follow along on Scary Mommy, or on her personal site, 4 Amusing Muses.

Image courtesy of Pexel.