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How Nanny and Single Mom Emily Carter High Spends Her Monday

The former juvenile probation officer starts her day at 3:30am.

Juvenile probation officer-turned-professional nanny Emily Carter High is a single mother of three—Ryan, 22, Matthew, 19, and Savannah, 12. The boys have moved out, but Savannah and her mom enjoy movie nights together in their North Richland Hills home.

3:30AM Alarm goes off. I’m up before the sun. I head to the kitchen for round one of nanny fuel, aka coffee.

3:45AM Venture to the bathroom with a little more energy thanks to my nanny fuel. I take an assessment of my hair. Since my hair didn’t party too hard last night, it’s a dry shampoo morning. Brush my teeth, slap on war paint—aka makeup—to make me look awake.

4:15AM My daughter is sawing logs as my ex-husband arrives so I can head to work. Since we co-parent well, he helps watch her a few hours before school. It takes a village to raise a child.

4:20AM Grab my Mary Poppins bag (which includes a change of clothes, Yeti with water, Yeti with coffee, sunglasses, lip gloss, endless snacks and nanny day planner) and purse, and I am out the door.

4:20–5AM While driving from North Richland Hills to Highland Park to my first house of the day, I listen to Practically Perfect Podcast – For Nannies by Nannies.

5AM I arrive at the nanny family’s home before the child, Liam, wakes, and the mom immediately darts out the door. I log on to the Dallas Area Nannies Facebook page to see the list of planned play dates for the day. Today is Klyde Warren Park. This is my favorite place on a beautiful sunny Dallas day.

6:30AM Liam cries the exact second my nanny fuel touches my lips. How does the child know every morning? Time to get him up and keep the tiny human alive.

6:35AM Change the 5-pound bowling ball of a diaper and snuggle the kid.

6:45AM I feed Liam breakfast, and he feeds most of it to the dog. I have my breakfast too, then I pack Liam’s lunch for our Dallas Area Nannies play date.

7:15AM Clean up Liam and food mess while singing the cleanup song.

7:35AM Read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, my favorite book from my childhood, 238 times. Make up silly songs that might or might not make sense.

7:50AM Little school bus crash derby time (aka crashing Matchbox cars into walls, furniture and toes) while saying “Not for mouths” and “Get your finger out of your nose” 467 times.

8:30AM Stroller walk around the block while listening to “Toddler Tunes” on Pandora. We run into a nanny friend and her nanny child.

10AM Tell Liam to stop using the couch as a jungle gym. I turn on “Baby Shark” on Alexa as I pack his bag for our nanny adventure.

10:25AM Arrive at Starbucks in West Village. Grab more nanny fuel for myself and chocolate milk for Liam. We meet our fellow nanny and nanny kid friends. We all get on the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Trolley (or McKinney Avenue trolley) and head to Klyde Warren Park, arriving just in time for story time on the lawn.

11:45AM Lunchtime. Food truck and Steel City Pops for me, while Liam indulges in a pimento cheese sandwich, Go-GURT, banana, raisins and grass. Once again I say, “Not for mouths.”

12:15PM Get back on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Trolley and return to Starbucks. My nanny child is exhausted and has fallen asleep. I’m exhausted too, but no time for a nap today.

12:40PM Return a sleeping Liam to his mom and head to my second nanny family’s house. Location: Southlake.

1:15PM Arrive in Southlake. The boy, Jack, is napping, and the housekeeper is here today. Yes! I love a clean kids’ area. My mom boss got me a gift certificate to Pei Wei just because. I know what’s for dinner!

1:30PM My mom boss, a stay-at-home mom, heads out to enjoy some much-needed self-care time. Since Jack is sleeping, I talk with my oldest son regarding his LSAT scores. (He’s at the University of Texas.) I leave a message for my 19-year-old and tell him I love him. Then, I close my eyes for a bit—mom boss allows me to on days the housekeeper is there.

2:30PM Jack wakes, and we both have some Goldfish.

2:50PM Block tower crash contest. I stay calm and positive as a block is chunked at my face. Time to put away the blocks.

3:25PM Yelling practice for Jack.

3:50PM We head outside to play. We play a made-up game called lions, and tigers, and bears—oh my! We throw the football. We see who can run the fastest and who can roar like a dinosaur.

4:30PM Jack and I need water. We make a toy stove out of Amazon boxes and a fort out of living room furniture and blankets.

5:15PM Dad boss arrives home and gets inside the fort with Jack.  My nanny adventures for this manic Monday are complete. I am off to meet my daughter at her piano lesson in Grapevine.

6:15PM Time to chow down on Pei Wei thanks to that gift card. I don’t enjoy cooking!

7PM Get home just in time to take off my war paint, put on comfy pajamas and log on to “Ask the Nanny” Facebook Live nanny training. Tonight’s topic is “How To Become a Certified Newborn Care Specialist.” While I’m getting educated on the next level of my nanny future, my daughter finishes up her homework and gets ready for bed.

8:30PM Say prayers with my daughter and kiss her goodnight.

8:50PM As I crawl into bed, I reflect on the day. Today was full of snuggles, tears, snot, tantrums, fun, love, improv, coffee, teaching, reading, heart-stopping scares and heart-melting success for my nanny kids.