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How much do you know about IV therapy?

When it comes to handling a broad spectrum of medical issues—from dehydration to chemotherapy—IV therapy is typically part of the treatment plan. But despite its widespread use, many patients don’t know what an IV actually does.
How much do you really know about IV therapy?
Take our quick quiz for the lowdown on IVs in case you find yourself or a family member in the hospital. Don’t worry, our friends at the health resource myIV.com weighed in with all the answers on their cheat sheet, and we’re not keeping score!
1. IV stands for
            A. Intravenous therapy
            B. Immunotherapy
            C. Intra Viral Infection
2. An IV carries which of the following?
            A. Blood
            B. Medication
            C. Fluid
            D. All of the above
3. True or False: 3 out of 5 U.S. hospital patients receive an IV.
4. True or False: Healthcare providers can numb the skin before inserting an IV.
5. What are possible symptoms of a complication when receiving IV treatment?
            A. Swelling
            B. Bruising
            C. Redness/ Itching
            D. All of the above
6. The current IV failure rate is _____
            A. 10%
            B. 30%
            C. 50%
            D. None of the above
7. What is the earliest age that an individual can receive IV treatment?
            A. Newborn
            B. 1 year old
            C. 10 years old
            D. 18 years old
8. How can a parent check their child’s IV for a possible problem?
            A.  Touch around the IV site to ensure that the area is warm and dry
            B. Look at the IV to see that it is dry, uncovered and not red
            C. Compare the size of the other hand or foot to see they are the same size
            D. All of these are strategies for checking a child’s IV