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How Keller Veterinarian Tannetje’ Crocker Spends Her Monday

it’s not just kids she cares for but a bearded dragon and various other animals

Veterinarian and mom of two Tannetje’ Crocker lives with her “serial entrepreneur” husband Shane in Keller, where Crocker grew up. Their seven-member family includes Isabella, 7, Corbin, 3, Betty the dog, Bobby the cat and Lucy the bearded dragon. Find her on Instagram @dr.tannetje.crocker. 

6:30AM I hit the alarm and lie in bed for five more minutes before I get up. I slept great with my new weighted blanket on the bed, but it is still always so hard to get moving after the weekend. The house sleeps while I dress and prepare our bags and backpacks for the day.   

6:40AM My husband Shane starts to stir, and I head to the kids rooms to get them up.  Our 3-year-old son, Corbin, and I have a routine. I warm his milk prior to waking him and then dress him as he sucks it down from a sippy cup. As the baby of the family, he still gets spoiled.   

7AM Getting my daughter Isabella up is a quiet affair. None of us are morning people, so we spend little time talking, and instead she gets dressed while I finish with her brother.  She makes a waffle sandwich (a creation of my own design that is two microwaved cinnamon waffles with grape jelly holding them together) while I finish gathering our things and put final touches on my outfit.   

7:22AM After a quick kiss goodbye, my husband heads to the office, and I start the kid dropoff. At this age the kids are excited to go to school and see their friends, so they exit the car with barely a glance back to me. I make sure to roll the window down and yell a loud, “I love you, Isabella!” to my daughter as she enters the school. Today I receive an eye roll in response.   

7:35AM The drive to work allows me to develop a plan for the day. Patients are usually admitted early, and I need to be mentally ready for surgery when I get there. Listening to the familiar morning radio show 106.1 KISS FM keeps me laughing in the car.  

8AM Arriving at Northwest Animal Hospital in Grapevine, I find my technicians already hard at work. I do surgery in the mornings two days a week and start at 10am the other two days of the week. Today is a morning surgery day, so I am revved up and ready to start.  

8:27AM Surgery starts. One dog spay and a cat neuter are done while I also manage two dentals being scaled and polished by the technicians.  

9:52AM Time flies. We are efficient, and all the patients do well. I dive right into the wellness visits and sick pets that will keep rolling in over the next four hours. 

12:13PM Lunch is always rushed and eaten between exams and vaccine visits. Today I take advantage of Grubhub and get to enjoy some soulsatisfying pho from my favorite placePho in the Box.   

2:02PM After a jam-packed appointment schedule, I am almost done for the day. I answer a few emails and make a quick Facebook and Instagram post for the clinic.  

3:15PM School lets out, and I am there at the front of the line to pick up my daughter and nephew. My sister and I trade off pickup duty, and today is my day. I drop my nephew off at home, and then we head to our house to rest, refuel and change clothes for horse lessons.  

4:20PM Pick up Corbin from day care, and we all head to Roanoke for horse lessons.   

4:55PM We make it on time. Isabella and I start saddling her lesson horse, and Corbin entertains himself with the barn cat and new goat that are wandering around.  

6:02PM Lessons are over, and the horses are put up after getting a cooling rinse. We pile back in the Tahoe hot and sweaty. Tonight, dinner will be courtesy of Chick-fil-A on the way home. 

6:38PM Back home, the kids finish eating at the dinner table while I catch up with Shane in the kitchen. 

6:55PM Corbin announces he needs to poop. We are potty training, so the training toilet is brought to him.  

7:04PM We make a quick trip to Frios Pops around the corner to continue the potty training celebration with a delicious pop for each of us.   

7:27PM Back home, Isabella feeds her bearded dragon, Lucy, and then takes a shower while I bathe Corbin. Once they are both clean, she spends some time with Shane in the living room while I read, rock and put Corbin to bed.  

7:50PM Coming out of Corbin’s room, I find Isabella and Shane on the couch solving a Rubik’s cube. This has become a new obsession for them both, and it is cute how serious they are about it.   

8:10PM After some negotiation, I convince Isabella to go to bed. She is growing up so fast. I am treasuring these moments that she will still let me cuddle her in bed at night. 

8:30PM Coming out of Isabella’s room, I am greeted by Betty, the dog and Bobby, the cat, who are begging to be fed.  

8:55PM Finally I sit down on the couch. My computer in hand I start to research and work on a future article for an online veterinary publication.  

11PM BathtimeEvery night I soak in my freestanding tub. It was my dream bathtub we acquired when we renovated two years ago.  

12:05AM I turn off the light and snuggle under my weighted blanket. Six hours of sleep a night is the norm for me. I drift off tired and satisfied from the busy day.   

Fast Facts

Best vacation San Pedro, Belize, with four of our best couple friends. 
Book on your nightstand Educated by Tara Westover 
Instagram she always likes @theramblingredhead keeps me laughing daily 
Favorite indulgence Dark chocolate sea salt caramels with red wine 
Where she goes for retail therapy Nordstrom Rack or HomeGoods 
Favorite movie The Princess Bride 
Favorite date night spot Moviehouse & Eatery 
Favorite board game Settlers of Catan. They even have a kids version.  
Favorite meal service Dream Dinners in North Richland Hills 
Words she lives by Better to ask for forgiveness then permission. 
What she does when life gets stressful Go on a date with my sexy husband! 
Motherhood in five words Hardest, most heartwarming experience ever 
Dream job as a kidVeterinarian. I did it! 
How she and her partner met We were both wedding crashers in San Antonio. 
Why she chose where she lives I grew up in Keller and wanted to be close to family for my kids. 
Something she learned this week You can do everything right and still not please everyone, and that is OK. 
She’s really good at Sharing my love of my job 
She’s really bad at Being on time 
Habit she cantquit Coffee dependence 
If she had to change careers, she’d be a Nothing! I cannot imagine doing anything else. 

Image courtesy of Sunny Mays Photography.