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How Katie Holmes, Stay-At-Home Mom of Seven, Spends Her Tuesdays

From waking up everyone in the house (including the pet lizard) to Dr. Seuss bedtime stories

Katie Holmes is a mom to a blended family of seven children. When she’s not running after her kids, the stay-at-home mom is a family photographer and volunteers for the elementary school library. She and her husband, Chadwick, a journeyman electrician, live in North Richland Hills with their children—Kaden, 11, Kenna, 10, Riley, 9, Marley, 8, Joel, 7, Luke, 6, and Liam, 5.

5:15AM My day begins with a wake-up kiss from my love, Chadwick. I get out of bed and head to the kitchen to make his lunch while he gets ready for work.

5:30AM Chad gives me a hug and kiss as he heads out for his morning commute to work. I grab an oversized blanket and snuggle into his recliner chair—it’s just so much comfier than my spot on the couch. I enjoy the dark silence of our living room while checking emails and notifications.

6:45AM It’s time to wake up everyone in the house. Tiger Lily, our pet lizard, is first. I flip her lamp on and find her hiding halfway in the sand under her plants. Next, I wake up the two girls, Kenna and Riley, and they sluggishly begin to get ready for school. The boys are last to get up. I need help from my oldest to get the other four up and going. Kaden, my oldest, would wake up at 5am with me if I’d let him, but I need my bit of alone time in the morning.

7AM Back to my bedroom to get dressed. I pin back my hair in front of my bathroom mirror, and overhear the boys in the other bathroom arguing over whose comb is whose while brushing their teeth.

7:20AM “Let’s go!” Everyone grabs their backpacks and heads out the door to load into the car. To help with travel, our family has assigned seating: Kaden sits up front with me; Kenna, Riley and Marley sit in the back; Liam, Luke and Joel sit in the middle.

7:30AM We arrive at school and the kids file one by one out of the SUV. Together, we head to the entrance, with friends joining along the way. I hug each of my kids and remind them to be good for their teachers. With six kids at the elementary school, from kindergarten through fifth grade, I learn quickly if there are any issues. After a quick chat with the assistant principal, Kaden and I head out to his school.

7:45AM I pull into the middle school parking lot and park. Kaden and I talk and listen to the radio while we wait for his school to open. I think this is his favorite time of day because of the one-on-one time we have together.

8:20AM Back home. I set out some Italian sausage to thaw ahead of tonight’s dinner, toss in a load of laundry and wash dishes from last night before turning my attention to my photography work. I spend a few hours editing images and creating galleries for clients.

11AM There’s always a random project to do around the house. Today, I’m organizing our bookcases. I’m pretty OCD about organization, and I keep all our books organized by author and then by age group. We picked up a ton of books from a recent book fair, so it’s an ordeal to update the shelves.

1:45PM An alarm goes off on my phone to remind me to finish up my project before I need to get the kids. I set several alarms throughout the day to keep me on track, otherwise I get so wrapped up in what I’m doing that I completely lose track of time.

3PM Arrive at the elementary school. While I wait for the kids to come out, I check email and schedule some social media posts for my photography business.

3:25PM The kids file out of the elementary school. Riley, Marley and Kenna are staying after school for Battle of the Books practice, so I’m just picking up half of our crew right now. Joel and Luke meet up with Liam and together head over to the car.

3:55PM We park down the street from the middle school and jam out to music on 106.1 Kiss FM. Kaden walks up and stops in front of the car to do the “Orange Justice” dance made popular by Fortnite. The boys laugh and dance along with him in their seats.

4:15PM Back at the elementary school. Marley loads into the car. Kenna and Riley are still in choir practice, so we hang out for another 15 minutes for the girls.

4:45PM We finally arrive home and unload. Chad is already home and together we gather around the table to help the kids with homework while we all enjoy a snack. Once all the homework is done, Chad turns on the TV. He finds a recording of Forged in Fire for everyone to watch.

6PM I make dinner—Alfredo pasta with Italian sausage and garlic bread. I call over the kids to set the table, putting napkins, silverware, drinks and pasta-filled plates on the table. Finally, I get a chance to sit down and we eat. Chad is in charge of getting everyone second helpings.

6:45PM As the kids finish up dinner, we send them to take baths. I clear the table and begin to clean up.

8PM Chad grabs a full glass of milk and something sweet to eat. He kicks back in his recliner chair and I take my usual spot on the couch, and the kids snuggle around us while we all watch episodes of Vegas Rat Rods together.

8:30PM Time to begin getting ready for bed. All seven kids grab a book to read for 20 minutes. Luke, Liam and I read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss. They try to repeat the story as quickly as I did, but they end up in a tongue-tied mess.

8:55PM The kids put up their books and line up to use the bathroom before going to bed. Kenna, Marley, Riley, Luke and Liam take their medicine. Family hugs and kisses and goodnight!

9:20PM Chad and I head back to our room and get ready for bed. We watch an episode of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina before falling asleep.