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Juliana Oliveira and her family in Dallas

How Interior Designer Juliana Oliveira Spends Her Monday

how this Dallas mom boss is adjusting to her new normal  

Brazilian-born Juliana Oliveira is the founder and principal designer of Beyond Interior Design, where she designs spaces with international influence. When she’s not running her business, she’s running around after her stepson Ian, 9, and baby Benjamin, 1—her children with husband Randy, a trained chef who is now helping with Beyond Interior Design. The family lives in Dallas. 

6AM I hear Ian upstairs moving around and asking his Google Home, “Google, what time is it?” 

6:30AM My husband and I wake up. Randy goes downstairs to make Ian’s breakfast and get his morning started. Shortly after, Benjamin lets us know he’s up and ready to get out of his crib. That’s my cue to take him downstairs for some quality MommyandBenjamin time.  

7:15AM Since COVID-19, Ian has been spending more time at home. My husband and I talk about Ian’s day to make sure he’ll be busy with outdoor activities and interactive toys.  

7:25AM Ian and Randy head out for a quick walkrun around the neighborhood while I make sure Ian’s lunch is good to go. 

7:30AM Now it’s time to make Benjamin his breakfast. He loves eggs with avocado or oatmeal with bananas!  

8AM Benjamin and I head upstairs so I can start getting ready for work, now that I am going back into the office. 

8:30AM Our nanny Josie arrives at the house and takes Benjamin to get him changed and ready for the day—so I can actually finish getting ready for work. 

8:50AM As I ease back to working at the office, the hardest part of the day is having to say goodbye to Benjamin. It was a lot easier when he was younger since he was a social baby, but now he cries when he knows I’m leaving. Each morning, I have to do a little dance when I tell him I have to go to work and that hes going to have so much fun with Josie.  

9AM I grab my work must-haves (including my mask) and head for our newly expanded office. We decided to create an additional studio space to provide our team with ample room for health purposes. 

9:05AM First things first: In the car, I get caught up on the latest episode of one of my favorite podcasts, usually full of inspiration, design ideas, and ideas on how I can run a better operation and be a better boss. 

9:15AM I make a pit stop at Snap Kitchen to pick up my breakfast curbside. I’ll eat at the office.   

9:30AM I arrive at the office and say hi to the team as I log into all apps and portals, briefly check emailsand just like that, it’s time for my first meeting.  

10AM I begin a virtual meeting with my incredibly talented publicist Ingrid and my compliance officer (and sister) Sara. We touch base on all ongoing projects, from media opportunities to video content ideas.  

11AM I meet with Jonathan, my senior designer, to discuss each project’s progress, client updates, team tasks and administrative to-dos. This is also the time we allocate to resolve any potential issues with contractors or project timelines. 

12PM It’s time to get to those unanswered emails. Before I start, I heat up my leftovers from last night’s dinner so I can have a working lunch. 

1PM One of the fun parts of my dayI get to check in with Abbey, my junior designer. She develops our models and brings the design concepts I conceptualize to life. I advise on revisions, troubleshoot any issues and make sure we are on schedule.  

3PM I check in with the rest of the team—virtually or in personto ensure all finance, operations and compliance efforts are running smoothly. 

3:45PM I create a running list of items that I will get started on tomorrow morning.  

4PM Randy sends me a text that hes home and gives me a couple of updates on the project he was checking in on. 

6PM After a long day, I walk across the courtyard and head to my car. Running a little late, but away I go. 

6:30PM I finally arrive home and check in with Josie to see how their day was. She tells me Ian had a great day and then hands me Benjamin. He has the biggest smile on his face and is pointing at the front door to signal, “Mom, let’s go outside!” 

6:45PM I walk Josie out to her car and get ready to have dinner outside in our newly remodeled backyard! I let the boys play together while I prepare dinner. Tonight I’m making salmon, which I portioned out so I can have leftovers to take to work for the rest of the week. I am definitely a seafood lover, but don’t think I would pass up a Hopdoddy burger with fries! 

7:30PM Dinner is served. On tonight’s menu: seared salmon, salad and roasted potatoes. While Benjamin sits on my lap, I watch him try the food. He loves it. Ian’s favorite food is mediumrare salmon. He’s a great eater! 

8:05PM We send Ian off to shower while I clean up Benjamin.  

8:30PM The boys get in their pajamas. We read a book with Ian while Benjamin listens and dozes off. 

9:15PM Randy and I get glasses of wine and put on Netflix as we catch up on our day. We call it a night shortly after. 

Fast Facts 

What she’s watching Locke & Key on Netflix
Favorite destination Seabrook Island, South Carolina. We have a family home there and go every year.
Where she goes for retail therapy Luxury consignment stores. My favorites are TBC in Inwood Village and Luxury Garage Sale in Snider Plaza.
Great family restaurant Mariano’s Hacienda
Date night spot Tei Tei. Always start with the lychee martini.
Can’t-miss podcast I listen to quite a few, but I really enjoy Radiolab.
Workout she squeezes in Peloton ride
Gift to give friends Coffee table books
How she indulges Kate Weiser chocolate
Mom bag Celine Mini Luggage handbag. I can fit everything in it: mom, baby and business things.
Celebrity mom she admires Kristen Bell
If she had to change careers, she’d be a Scientist 
She’s really good at Analogies. I’m always trying to put things into perspective. 
She’s really bad at Answering my phone
Favorite thing about Dallas This city has the perfect balance of art, culture and culinary experiences without feeling too big or overpopulated (yet).
Something she learned this week We all can benefit from slowing down every once in a while. 

Photo courtesy of Beyond Interior Design.