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How Interior Designer Courtney Adams Spends Her Monday

she could be in Trophy Club one minute, then Highland Village the next

Courtney Adams lives in Denton with her husband, two children—August, 9, and Parker, 6—and French bulldog, Libby. The Baylor alum and licensed interior designer loves art, movies, traveling and shopping.

4AM Hear hubby getting ready for his run, but I find a way to fall back asleep for a few more minutes—somehow we both manage to get our workouts in before 7am.

4:55AM My iPhone alarm sounds—grab some workout clothes and head to jazzercise.

5:20AM Hubby is back home to shower and wake up the kids.

5:30AM Class kicks off; time to work out the stress life!

6:40AM Place a Starbucks mobile order for a bacon Gouda sandwich and a Grande latte. I need this boost for the long day ahead. Dash in, grab it and eat on the drive home.

6:48AM Arrive back home to pack little lunches—try to sneak in a note for each of them to let them know I love them so. Hubby drops off the kids on the corner of our street for them to walk with their neighborhood friends, and then he heads off to Adams Exterminating, where he manages the day-to-day office affairs.

7:15AM Check my weather app to see if it will be a naturally curly, straight or curled hair day based on humidity and my workout schedule, then shower up and get ready. Business casual with comfy shoes since I’ll on my feet most of the day.

8AM Pack up my bag with laptop, iPad, architectural scale and some sketch paper (just in case I need to draw up a design detail on the spot).

8:15AM Plop down in my SUV and turn on Lauren Daigle’s album to get my head right to conquer the day while driving to my first job site.

9AM Get a text from a repeat client who’s panic-stricken since she just found out that demo is starting in two weeks on her master bathroom. … Not a single fixture, faucet or tile has been selected, much less purchased. Yikes! We set up a time to meet at home, and then, when we can, run to Rick’s Hardware and Floor & Decor to get sourcing tackled for her long list of needs. Luckily, she’s done her homework and knows the style she wants but needs me to keep it very sellable since they are planning to stay only about five more years in this home. We can do this!

9:24AM Arrive in Alvarado to meet with general contractor Shawn to complete our final punch list before Bernard Arnault’s visit. He will be seeing the new Louis Vuitton workshop and this three-story home we’ve been remodeling—in less than two weeks. The pressure is on to make the best impression possible!

9:50AM Meet with painting crew to show final touch-ups on walls and trim now that the installation of furniture and artwork has been completed. Minor walls get nicks, a few window glazings have been switched out due to broken seals and two full windows had to be replaced once we cleaned them and noticed frame sagging and broken seals—nothing major, but it needs to be pristine.

10:30AM Walk perimeter of property with landscaper to ensure plantings are properly placed, everything’s looking its best and client’s request for low maintenance has been achieved.

11:15AM Hop on a conference call with my Walters Wedding Estates team for The Olana pool house to be completed before this space can be sold to brides. Need to have the Urban Archeology metal brackets installed, glass measured and ordered, and install set. In the meantime, I will be sourcing and purchasing bar decor and accessories from HomeGoods, World Market, Tuesday Morning and similar to bring in some life along with giving the venue glassware storage.

12:30PM Grab a chocolate peanut butter protein bar from my bag, and check in on site progress.

1:25PM Leave Alvarado for Trophy Club to visit a residential project to review master bedroom paint colors with these cool peel-and-stick samples from Samplize with my client before work commences tomorrow—need the walls to be a soft grey that creates a cozy feel and coordinates with the beautiful drapery and furnishings we’ve installed. We narrow it down and focus our energy on making bedding selections.

2:20PM Race back to Denton to pick up the kids from school—pick out some snacks, grab August’s piano books for his lesson at 4:15 and get Parker ready for her company dance classes.

3:40PM Leave for Highland Village. This might be one of my highlights today. As we are on our way, I get to really hear about their day, the highs and the lows. It gives us time to really discuss how things are going with friendships and school. Drop off August at piano, and drop Parker off at dance.

5PM Pick August up from piano, get drive-thru dinner from our crowd’s favorite Chick-fil-A and take him to the dance studio, where he will read some and play a math game on his iPad. I take my laptop so I can answer some emails and confirm meetings for tomorrow.

7:15PM We wrap up the last dance class (ballet, jazz and contemporary) and head home.

8:05PM Shower kids, put on their Hanna Andersson striped pajamas, read for homework and tuck them in bed.

8:50PM I consider getting my laptop back out, but instead I grab the remote and chill out with some Netflix.

9:30PM Set alarm for jazzercise the next morning, then drift off to sleep—hopefully I can turn my brain off to get almost eight hours of sleep.

Fast Facts

Best vacation Before we started a family, I wanted to travel across the pond, so Hubby made it happen! London, Paris and Rome. It was a dream, and the best shopping was on Portobello Road in London, where I acquired my first piece of hotel silver.
Favorite Instagrammers @pencilandpaperco, @elementstyle, @tsgdallas
Favorite indulgence Cookie board (flavors change a few times a year) served with milk from a dairy in McGregor called Mill-King Market and Creamery. Their milk is low-temperature, pasteurized milk, so it retains a majority of the good enzymes, and it’s creamy and delicious!
Favorite movie The Holiday—both homes are so lovely in their own way.
Beverage of choice Warm latte from West Oak Coffee Bar
Favorite scent Au Hasard from Louis Vuitton
Best purchase ever Our butterscotch Frenchie, Libby, who’s rocking into year 13!
Words she lives by Work to live, not live to work.
Best known for My contagious laughter
She’s most proud of My children
Go-to cocktail French 75
Best hosting tip To make everyone feel welcome and comfortable upon arrival.
Antique or modern? I like to keep interiors clean and classic but grounded with an authentic antique find—could be an antique sideboard inherited from a family member or vintage cocktail glasses to add to your table design.
Biggest pet peeve Being called a decorator—what I do for clients is so much deeper than simply adding drapery, pillows and hanging wall decor to a space. It also took graduating from a four-year, accredited program and sitting for a test to become licensed with the state. Much more than a hobby.
What inspires her Travel—to see how others live

Image courtesy of Monica Torres Photography.