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How Denton Mompreneur Randi Skinner Spends her Thursday

the first-time mom launched a consulting company to spend time with her baby

University of North Texas alum Randi Skinner is a civicminded Dentonite: Denton Rotary Club memberDenton Parks Foundation board member, past president of Denton Young Professionals … but she spends most of her time being a mompreneur (or drinking wine on patios). Skinner recently left her marketing career to launch RS Consulting, and she and her husband, Aaron, had their first child, Easton, on Valentine’s Day this year. 

3AM My baby alarm (aka Easton) wakes me up, ready to eat! I zombie walk to the kitchen hoping I filled up the bottles already. Yes! I did. (Thank you, Yesterday Randi.) Bottle goes into the warmer, then Easton and I walk around the house for six minutes exactly. If I lie back down, it’s too risky; I might miss the bottle timer, and it will be way too hot. Then my potentially 20 minutes up could turn into double that…so we walk.  

3:20AM Easton is fed. I lie back in my bed with her on my chest and rock her a bit to help her fall back to sleep.  

5AM I wake up to my husband getting ready for work. He usually feeds Easton and takes care of our dog, but this morning I get up to help.  

7AM Easton is up for the day. Snuggle time! One of the reasons I started my own business is to spend more time with Easton, so mornings are just that—we get time together.  

7:45AM Heat up Easton’s next bottle. Help Easton back up into a sitting position. She is sitting up all by herself these days. Proud mom.  

8AM I try to get myself ready for the day. Some days I have to tote Little Miss Easton around with me; other days she will hang out and watch a show or play in her activity center. This morning she decides she wants to watch an extra episode of Elmo 

9AM I work from home two days a week and at my office three daysI run a marketing agency, so this morning I am working on designing a brochure and planning an event for a client’s grand opening. 

9:30AM Easton needs a change of scenery, so we grab her keyboard and the three melodies it can play.  

10AM Working one-handed, holding Easton. I have become a pro at one-handed design, emails and typing.  

10:30AM My in-laws, Brian and Lois (aka Grandpa and Baba), show up to take care of EastonShe loves getting to spend time with them, and her full-faced grin when they walk in the door sure shows it.  

11AM I head out the door and to my first business meeting of the day at Jupiter House, a locally owned coffee shop on the Denton Square. This is my favorite place to have meetings. I order the Crazy Cosmonaut, a latte with hazelnut and almond flavors. So yummy!  

11:45AM Run into a few friends at Jupiter House. I always see someone I know because Denton is just that kind of place.  

12PM Head over for lunch at the Denton Rotary Club Noon. We break bread together, learn about upcoming service projects and meet new members, and I get to spend time with some of my favorite Denton leaders.  

1:15PM Stop back by the house, take care of the dog and get a little Easton time in.  

2PM Head to my office. I co-work out of Stoke. I have a standing weekly meeting at Stoke with one of my favorite clients.  

2:45PM Take a break and grab a cold brew from the tapGotta love an office that has free coffee on tap!  

4PM Back to focusing on my own business growth: following up with a few potential clients that need marketing help, creating content for social media and getting organized lining up projects for next week.  

4:45PM I jump onto the Facebook group Family Friendly Denton. I put together this group with the hope of creating opportunities for businesses in Denton to be more intentionally family-friendly. Right now we’re brainstorming an idea of offering a “family-friendly” certification to local businesses. It was a concept I pitched for the Stoke Big Idea mixer a few months ago.  

5:15PM Happy hour at Wine Squared on the Denton Square with a girlfriend. Yes, please! 

6:30PM Head home and make dinner. I am all for simple meals. A lot of times I prep meals for the week. Tonight we’re having pesto chicken pasta. (Thank youSunday Randi.) 

7PM Aaron is getting Easton ready for bed while I finish up dinner. Bath time and pajamas are happening now. Mom tip: I think the best PJs are the ones that are footed with a zipper. It makes late-night and early changes quicker, plus keeps her toes nice and cozy all night.  

7:30PM Dinnertime. We set Easton up at the table with us—we use the Bumbo seat and just put her directly on the table. I think it’s so much easier than a regular high chair. And she loves it. 

8PM Family reading! As part of Easton’s bedtime routine, we lie on the floor in her nursery. She hangs out on this fluffy unicorn pillow while her dad reads her a few books.  

8:30PM I warm up a bottle and rock Easton to sleep to my favorite lullaby, “Hush, Little Baby.”  

9PM Easton is asleep, and Aaron and I get a little adult time. We hang out on our patio for a bit and then watch Netflix.   

10PM Easton wakes up, and Aaron puts her back to sleep. Aaron and I then start our bedtime routine and climb in for the night.  

11:30PM I sneak out to the living room and watch an episode of Law & Order SVU before heading back to bed. 

Fast Facts

Best vacation: Aaron and I went to Isla Mujeres for two of our friends double wedding! We drove around the island on a golf cart, sat by the beach every morning and ate all the guacamole my heart desired. Aaron, when are we going back? 
Favorite indulgence: A spa day! Like the works kind of day where you do massage, facial, nails and all the things. 
Where she goes for retail therapy: Marshall’s or TJ Maxx 
Favorite movie: Dirty Dancing 
Favorite date night spot: Anywhere on the Downtown Denton Square! We love going to Barley & Board and East Side Denton. When you’re out and about on the square in our city, we call it #Dentoning. So fav date night would be #Dentoning
Beverage of choice:Wine or a “Bom-boise”—it’s Bombshell Blonde beer topped off with framboisethis raspberry lambic beer. It’s the perfect drink for a patio. 
Best purchase ever: Our corgi! 
Words she lives by: “It will be fine!” Anytime something is going wrong, this is my go-to statement as we pivot. Or: “There’s nothing we can’t do if we work hard, never sleep and shirk all other responsibilities in our lives.” This one is from Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation, my spirit animal. 
Biggest pet peeve: There’s not much I can’t get over eventually, but smacking drives me nuts.  
What she does when life gets stressful: Spend time with friends, take a bubble bath and start over 
Celebrity mom she admires: The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern. She brought her 3-month-old to work with her. That’s rightParliament floor with her baby. 
Self-care spot: Soma Massage Therapy in Denton
Why she chose to live in Denton: When Aaron and I were deciding where we were going to live, Denton was the one place that truly felt like home. We met here, and Denton is the kind of city that has so much uniqueness. We love all the festivals, music and culture right in our backyard. 
Something she learned this week: How to create a custom invitation on Evite 
She’s really good at: Marketing 
She’s really bad at: Being patient. But I am getting better. Being a mom basically forces me to focus and get better. 
Habit she can’t quit: Staying up late to watch Netflix 

Image courtesy of Stephanie Honeycutt.