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How Dallas Mom and Business Owner Elizabeth Fisher Spends Her Monday

Two businesses plus five kids equals seven times the fun of balancing that work-life cycle

Dallas mom Elizabeth Fisher owns two floral companies, and her husband, Mark, also owns two companies. They have five children together—Zach, 22, Cole, 19, Aniyah, 10, Ariyah, 5, and Declan, 13 months—and enjoy spending as much time as possible outside as a family. 

5:15AM Alarm is set to wake up and work out. With the kiddos, I work out from home. I try to do this about three times a week when time allows.

5:30AM Alarm is still going off because Declan has been teething, so exhaustion is an understatement.

5:50AM Nope, not getting up to work out. I will try again tomorrow.

6:07AM Declan wakes up, so I nurse him back to sleep. This way I can get done what I need to get done before the whole house wakes up.

6:30AM I skim through social media real quick for my business, making sure that there are no messages on Instagram or comments that I need to reply to.

6:35AM Shower. The faster, the better for me. Days of long, hot showers are out the window. I’m lucky if I have time to shave my legs.

6:48AM Make sure Aniyah is awake, which she usually is. FYI—cool alarm clocks are the best birthday present ever. She loves to listen to music on it and have dance parties. It also has color-changing lights on it.

6:52AM Coffee! This is a must for me. I usually drink one cup every morning. I like my coffee black and cold, which works out great since by the time I actually get to the coffee it’s cold anyway.

6:56AM Get dressed and get makeup on. It’s not an everyday thing for me. If I don’t have any meetings, I will skip the makeup but always make sure I moisturize my face.

7:30AM Drop off Aniyah at school. This is quick since her school is right around the corner. We sometimes will walk depending on the weather. When we do drive, I will park by the corner of the school and help open her door.

8:15AM Arrive for open enrollment to sign Declan up for mother’s day out next year, and drop off Ariyah at pre-K at the same school. I sign her in and walk with her to the classroom.

9:15AM Leave the school to head to the shop.

9:26AM Arrive at the shop to start my workday. Declan passed out in the car on the way, and I hope he gets a good morning nap so I can get some emails answered and start some flower designs.

9:45AM Declan wakes up.

9:55AM I continue to do emails while entertaining an 11-month-old.

10:10AM Finally eat a little fruit. I made a little bag of strawberries and blueberries—some of my favorites.

11:08AM I eat lunch and feed Declan before my wedding consultation—multitasking at its finest. Weddings and corporate events are the main focus of Lizzie Bee’s Flower Shoppe. We are in high wedding season for our area, so I am always trying to stay caught up, which is a task in itself.

11:30AM My consultation shows up, so I hand off Declan to the ladies at the shop.

12:24PM Consultation is over.

1:45PM Head to the house to finish up working there.

3:08PM Aniyah gets home. She texts me on a phone she has at the house to let me know she made it home.

3:39PM Ariyah gets home with her nanny, who helps pick her up every day. Our nanny will also help with Aniyah’s homework if needed when she gets there. Ariyah plays outside, and Aniyah and I head out to a Girl Scout event.

5:30PM Arrive home and head outside to play some soccer.

6:30PM I get dinner ready for the kids. Tonight we are having a little barbecue.  I like to find ideas on Pinterest and make them my own. I am also lucky that my husband likes to cook!

7:05PM The girls are getting ready for bed—getting their jammies on and brushing their teeth—and I get Declan to bed. When getting Declan down, I let him nurse, and he falls asleep.

7:30PM Mark arrives home. He had a meeting, so this is later than usual for him. He sets his computer down and helps make sure the girls are finishing up getting ready for bed.

7:45PM The girls are in bed, and Declan wakes up and plays with his toys for a little bit. I get a little dinner for myself.

8PM I make the girls lunch for school tomorrow. Aniyah comes out of her room since she forgot to pack a snack for tomorrow. (This is the stalling method.)

8:10PM She is back in bed.

8:20PM I work on emails to finish up changes with current brides.

8:45PM Feed Declan and get him back to bed. He is very easy to get to sleep most nights.

9:08PM Now I’m back on emails, and I get a snack (if you call a spoon full of peanut butter a snack) because I rushed through dinner, and let’s face it, I need the calories, right?

10:15PM Mark and I sit at the kitchen table to work and talk with each other to catch up on how the day has been.

10:45PM Actually get into bed. I check Instagram one last time, and we finish up our conversations. We sometimes watch a movie, but most nights, such as tonight, we don’t.

11:25PM Fall asleep.