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How Children’s Health is Celebrating Their Patients

The local hospital is providing capes for our real-life superheroes

Children’s Health hosted Cape Day earlier this month, an event inspiring patients to find their inner superhero by providing them with their very own capes and encouraging messages. The two-day event held at Children’s Medical Center Plano and Children’s Medical Center Dallas invited fiction superheroes, like Supergirl and the Green Lantern, local dance teams and hosted activities such as coloring and craft-making, all for the purpose of celebrating their young patients. During Cape Day, visitors had the opportunity to sponsor a cape for a patient and write a note to go along with it—all with the same recurring theme of hope and encouragement.

“We saw [notes such as], ‘You Rock,’ ‘You’re Awesome,’ ‘Find Your Inner Superhero,” says Audra Cozart, who works with the Children’s Medical Center Foundation.

Kids donned red capes as they colored, had their faces painted with glitter and colorful designs and paused for photos with superhero characters. For many of the kids, the capes symbolized courage, filling them with a sense of joy.

“It’s almost like that mantle of ‘I can do anything,’ Cozart shares. “We had a patient named Jackson. He came into our WFAA Call-a-Thon on Halloween and Colleen asked him, ‘How does this cape make you feel?,’ she explained. “I think she expected brave and courageous, but he said it makes me happy. It just makes him happy.”

Rockwall mom Brittany Oakley felt just that as she watched her young daughter Shelby partake in the Cape Day festivities. For Shelby, it was a day filled with arts and crafts fun, but also a break from being restricted to a hospital bed. Shelby had just had surgery the day prior. 

“She has to sisters that are able to get up and run around and she can’t,” Oakley said. “For her to be able to have her moment and just be inspired by people loving on her and encouraging her… it’s been really good.”

In addition to giving patients a sense of support and encouragement, proceeds from the capes help efforts such as providing flu tests, car seats for families in need, lab materials and more. Although you can no longer sponsor a cape for a child, capes can still be purchased through the end of the month to benefit these efforts.