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Stephanie Jarrett with family

How Arlington Mom and Blogger Stephanie Jarrett Spends Her Tuesday

this Arlington mom juggles jobs (multiple), kids (multiple) and much more

Stephanie Jarrett is an Arlington-based mom about town, you might say. She spends her days volunteering at her girls’ school, growing her kid-oriented blog (Everything Arlington) and freelancing. Her husband, Brad, works at Lockheed Martin, and together they have three girls, Adelynn, 10, Brynna, 7, and Corinne, 6. Jarrett has also been a surrogate twice, most recently in August of last year. She loves running, drinking red wine, traveling and the Missouri Tigers.

4:30AM Alarm goes off. I wonder if I should hit snooze. I run with a group, so some of my favorite runners will be waiting for me. I get up.

4:55AM I run 1.5 miles to meet my group.

5:15AM We meet up and run a mile. We discuss anything and everything as we run. Definitely cheaper than therapy and way more fun!

5:30AM Get home and walk the dog. Start on my first (well-earned!) cup of coffee.

5:45AM Brad leaves for the office. Start on my second cup of coffee (black, with added collagen).

6:15AM Shower time. I try to be totally ready—dressed, hair, makeup—before I get the girls up.

7AM Wake the girls. The next hour is a complete whirlwind. Showers, hair, breakfast, brush teeth, check backpacks, check lunch menu, tie shoes. Some mornings are harder than others!

8AM Everybody is in the car and we head to school.

8:10AM Pull into the drop-off circle. I listen to the girls chatter about what they will do at school today, who they will sit with at lunch, what they are dreading. They are insightful most days.

8:30AM Home again. I turn on Good Morning America and try to catch the last 30 minutes. I also catch up on world news. I love reading daily email briefings. I’m more connected to the world this way.

9AM Start working on blog and social media content for the day. Some days content is scheduled, and I just make sure it posts and respond to questions and comments as needed. Other days, I research events and goings-on in the DFW area.

9:45AM I freelance for Savvy Sassy Moms, so I spend time researching articles I have due or snapping photos for them.

10:30AM I also work for Pearachute Kids as a community manager. I work to onboard new partners, so I look into new activity providers and send emails, as well as follow up with contacts from the past few days.

12PM Break for lunch. I’m struggling to take off the last few pounds of baby weight from the baby I had in August as a surrogate. I have a salad from Trader Joe’s.

12:30PM Time to walk the dog again and listen to a podcast. I’m a true crime fan—my husband jokes that I know more ways to off him than makes him comfortable! Crime Junkie—my favorite—is released every Monday, so it’s something to look forward to for my Tuesday dog walk.

1PM Work on more blog content. Update my calendar with event invites I’ve received, work on social media posts, check in on others and respond as needed.

1:30PM I’m a member of the Junior League of Arlington, so I send out donation request letters for our upcoming event. I’m also the fundraising chair for the PTA at my girls’ school, so I send out donation request letters for the upcoming silent auction. Girl Scout Cookie season is upon us, so I update our selling calendar and order badges for the troops I help with.

3PM Grab a bag of SkinnyPop (original is the best) and start a load of laundry. I try to tidy up the kitchen too.

3:20PM Time to pick up the girls. I park at a church nearby, and they walk to the car after the bell rings. I used to meet them at school and walk with them, but Adelynn recently informed me this is “so not cool, Mom.”

4:05PM Arrive home with the girls. Prepare snacks and ask about homework. I set the timer for their daily 20 minutes of reading and switch the laundry to the dryer.

4:30PM Girls are done reading and head outside to play on scooters while I make dinner.

5:10PM After the girls have dinner, we leave for ice skating. Two of my three girls ice skate, and Tuesday is lesson night. The first skates at 5:45 and the second at 6:15. I sit, watch and bring books for my other daughter to read and color while her sisters are on the ice.

6:15PM Pack up the skates and grab a strawberry banana smoothie for the girls at the pretzel place by the rink.

7PM Girls get 30 minutes of iPad time while I fix dinner for Brad and me. We eat and discuss our days and any important plans for the week.

7:30PM Bedtime routine. Pajamas on, teeth brushed.

7:45PM Harry Potter time! The girls and I started reading the series in early 2019. We have promised the girls that, if we finish the series before Thanksgiving, we will take them to Universal. We’re currently halfway through The Goblet of Fire and loving it.

8:30PM Lights out for the girls.

8:35PM Finish laundry, clean kitchen, load dishwasher. I pick up stray items and prepare lunches and backpacks for tomorrow.

9PM I get into bed and respond to emails and any last questions on my social media pages.

9:30PM If I can still keep my eyes open, I try to read for 30 minutes.

10PM Lights out for me—Brad and I are early birds all the way!

Fast Facts

What she’s reading The Broken Girls by Simone St. James
What she’s watching The Dublin Murders, based on novels by Tana French
Favorite indulgence Green tea My/Mo mochi ice cream—my family doesn’t really like it, so I never have to worry about someone stealing!
First celebrity crush Jonathon Taylor Thomas
Favorite date night spot Urban Union in Arlington. You can grab dinner at Cartel Taco Bar and have beer at Legal Draft, and then get a cupcake from Sugar Bee Sweets.
Beverage of choice Nonalcoholic: Culture Cola by Live; alcoholic: a frozen margarita with salt from Fuzzy’s
Favorite podcast Crime Junkie and Moms and Murder. True crime is definitely stranger than fiction!
Workout she manages to squeeze in I love to run. I can’t imagine not running. I’m also doing Bikini Body—a program that’s 28 minutes, three days a week.
Looking forward to Traveling to the Grand Canyon with my family over spring break
She’s really bad at Saying no. The girls know it. My husband knows it. I want to do everything, even if I’m in over my head.
Habit she can’t quit Twirling my hair

Photo courtesy of Stefani Adams Photography.