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How Allen Mom and Business Owner Alicia Makaye Spends Her Monday

this mom of two makes business a family affair

Allen mom Alicia Makaye, Ph.D., and her husband George own GXA, an IT support business in Richardson. They’ve been married for 17 years, have worked in the same business for 15 years and have two kids: Zack, 10, and Sania, 5. 

6:15AM Alarm radio goes off. Say a prayer, take deep breaths and hit the floor running. Brush teeth, read a Bible scripture. turn on praise music before I walk away, then I start the morning off with a little Hallelujah” music and think of at least two things I am grateful for before my day starts. 

6:20AM Check to make sure my son is awake and in the kitchen making breakfast and lunch for himself and his sister. 

6:25AM Throw a load of clothes in the washer. Quick, quick folding of at least 10 pieces. 

6:30AM Grab load to put away, then wake up my youngest child and take her with Mommy to model dress-up time. She follows well and gets herself dressed and brushes her teeth, and I comb her hair. 

6:35AM Get myself ready and finish my hair and youngest daughter’s hair. 

6:45AM In the kitchen to check and make sure everyone has lunch and breakfast.  

6:50AM Trampoline time for the kiddos. Physical activity is important, so I have a trampoline in the kitchen.   

6:50AM Buffer time to make sure everyone took care of chores and self-care, put on shoes, unplug car, load projects and backpacks, sign parent papers, load lunch accounts with depleted funds, etc. 

7:30AM Time to go get in the car. Prayer time with the kiddos. We discuss life lessons, and I give my daily speech: “I am raising you to be a productive citizen. Please conduct yourself like you are a productive citizen.   

7:31AM Ride time. When we are done with lessons and questions, I turn up the tunes (music, music and more music). 

8AM Scheduling last-minute handyman house items and taking calls from employees who cannot make it into the office.  

8:15AM Begin glancing at emails on the way to work to see what I need to deal with right away when I walk in the door. 

8:30AM Arrive at work and check email. 

9:30AM Emails, employee questions, text messages—my cell phone and office phone are constantly ringing. 

12:30PM Just remembered I forgot to eat or drink. Yikes. Luckily my spouse works one office over, and he stops by to ask if I want lunch. And my answer is yes, please.   

1PM Back on the phone and eating lunch while on conference call. 

2PM Catching up on morning emails again. Someone else walks into my office with another request. Phone is ringing—someone who sent me an email needs additional information.   

2:30PM Time to get up and walk around to stretch. 

3PM Interview a candidate that is looking for a job. 

4PM Time is running out, and I am working on contract that needs to be sent out.  

4:14PM Take call from my oldest child, and he informs me as to what happened at school and what homework he has for the day. He reminds me that he has hockey practice, and his dad is taking him to practice. 

5PM Office slows, and I finally get a chance for quiet time and crunch time. 

6PM Oldest child calls to let me know that he is headed to hockey practice with Dad. 

6:05PM Catch up on social media posts and see who is doing what. 

6:15PM A happy dash to hockey practice to pick up my youngest child and eat dinner sitting outside during practice. 

6:45PM Take Sania home to spend time with her and get ready to wrap up the night. 

6:46PM Answer all the “why” questions: “Mommy, why are your shoes red? My youngest child wants to find out if she can wear her Moana dress to school tomorrow.  She tells me who she played with at recess and who was not at school for the day, and how her teacher told her that she cannot drink her milk all day. 

7:30PM Bathtimereading time and Awana Bible verse review for Sania. 

8PM Zack is back at home, and he joins the reading time after bathtime. 

8:15PM Giggle time with hugs and kisses (last-minute Mommy requests). 

8:30PM Lights out (one more hug and kiss). Then it’s hubby time and catching up at end of day. 

9PM Back to answering emails, loading laundry and reviewing last-minute requests. 

9:30PM Work looks good, so I head back to social media to find out if anything interesting or funny has happened. I can get my last-minute smiles. 

9:45PM Review mail and jump online to pay any last-minute utility bills. 

10PM Thinking about what I need to post for the week for the business, and I start getting my post ready to send out. 

10:30PM Lights out—no work projects tonight. Late nights do happen if work cannot be finished during the work hours, and sometimes that drags out until 1am. 

10:31PM Thirty minutes of my favorite show, Good Morning America, and I fall asleep about five minutes in as George Stephanopoulos tellme for the 1,000th time about the latest political developments.   

Fast Facts

What she’s reading The Memo: What Women of Color Need To Know to Secure a Seat at the Table by Minda Harts
Best vacation Jamaica’s Ocho Rios (where we honeymooned) 
Book on her nightstand
 My gratitude journal 
Favorite indulgence Ice cream
What’s iher Netflix queue 93 daysFracturedRhythm + FlowEl Camino: A Breaking Bad MovieUnnatural Selection and The Game Changers
Where she goes for retail therapy White House Black Market 
Favorite movie Enemy of the State 
First celebrity crush Prince 
Favorite date night spot Fogo de Chão
Beverage of choice7UP
Words she lives by You will win if you do not quit.
Biggest pet peeve Anything that smells bad
What she does when life gets stressful Massage therapy 
Motherhood in five wordsServanthood, miraculous, tough, emotional, patience 
Celebrity mom she admires Clair Huxtable from The Cosby Show
Dream job as a kid Attorney 
Self-care spot Craig Ranch Spa 
Favorite cheap meal with the family Cowboy Chicken
How she and her partner met Happy hour and yes, it was a happy hour!
Something she learned this week The job application at my office is too long, according to generation Z. Hire former drug dealers. (They make great managers, deliver product on time and motivate staff—who knew?The fastest-growing labor market is 70 years and older, and there are more than 7 million open jobs and only about 6 million people on the market.  
She’s really good at Working in business  
She’s really bad at Putting things together 
Habit she can’t quit Eating ice cream 
If she had to change careers, she’d be Working in a church or nonprofit  

Image courtesy of John Lynch.