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How 4th Grade Teacher Angela Shortledge Spends Her Wednesday

hint: it consists of kids, cuddles and more kids

Angela Shortledge is a wife, mother and fourth grade teacher married to Mathew. The two met when he was joining the Air Force, so they married young at just 19. Now living in Keller, they have two kids—daughter Alannah, 8, and son Morgan, 6—as well as Doberman named Lilly, two cats named Jack Jack and Ruby, and a goldfish (Seaweed II—her kids don’t know Seaweed I passed away).  

5:25AM The “cuddle alarm goes off (previously known as “first alarm”). My multiple alarms drive my husband crazy. I had to find a loophole because those extra 10 minutes are crucial! The solution? I hit snooze and cuddle with him. Everyone’s happy. 

5:35AM “For real” alarm goes off. I drag myself out of bed and start getting dressed.  

6:15AM I finish getting ready. Alexa wakes up the kidsseriously a game-changer! I let the dog out and feed the animals. Then I pack the kids lunches and get their breakfast ready while they get dressed.  

6:30AM Ask the kids to get their shoes on as I say goodbye to my husband. Walk back out to the foyer  find my kids trying to fall back asleep and still without shoes.  

6:35AM Everyone finally has shoes on, and we get in the car. We drive less than two minutes to my brother’s house to pick up my nephew.  

6:40AM Starbucks. Cannot miss this step! Pick up my mobile order, and we’re back on our way.  

6:55AM Arrive at my school. My kids and nephew play in my classroom while I prepare all the materials I need for today.  

7:45AM Bell rings. I give my biological kids and nephew a hug and kiss goodbye and wish them a great day. They head off to their first, second and third grade classrooms as my nonbiological children (aka students, whom I care for as my own) arrive outside my door. I greet them with a hug, high five or fist bump, depending on their preference, and they enter our classroom. Our day begins. 

8AM We watch announcements and begin Morning Meeting. This is our time to build community and positive relationships within our classroom.  

9:05AM Stop! Grammar time—not just an MC Hammer song; this is our grammar block. 

9:20AM I’ll write, I’ll write, I’ll write! aka my spinoff of Matthew McConaughey’s infamous saying. You guessed it—writing time! 

10AM Like Buddy the Elf says, “I just like to read; reading is my favorite!” I think that’s what he meant to say, anyway. My students ask me every day if we can read just a little bit longer, and my teacher heart couldn’t be happier.  

10:45AM The rest was history…literally this time.  

11AM My homeroom switches to math and science. Hello, second period!  

11:20AM Recess: This is my duty for the week. Bring on the fall weather! Currently I’m trying not to melt like the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz 

11:50AM Lunch! My teammate takes over for cafeteria duty.  

2:05PM My students go to Co-Curr (co-curricular classes), and my conference period begins.  

3:10PM Dismissal. I hug all my students goodbye, and dismissal duty begins. “Tomorrow, tomorrow! I’ll see ya tomorrow!”  

3:30PM My biological kiddos and nephew are waiting for me in my classroom. They’re excited to tell me about something new that happened today.  

4PM I never actually finish getting everything done but decide it’s time to head home. My daughter changes the “Come in! We’re Open!” sign outside my door to, “Sorry! We’re Closed!” and we head to the car.  

4:15PM The kids run inside the house, dumping their backpacks all over the foyer, as I follow in behind them. I’m hoping I’m not the only mom out there that has to remind her kids (Every. Single. Day.) to put their backpacks where they belong. My son, like clockwork, asks if he can get a chocolate milk. They all get a snack from the pantry and continue to play until my nephew gets picked up.  

5:30PM Their homework consists of reading. Right as we finish up reading, my husband comes home. We share a little bit about our day, and then he looks for what he wants to make for dinner. I am a terrible chef, and I do not enjoy cooking, so he graciously accepted this role.  

6:30PM We finish eating dinner, and I clean up the kitchen. I tell everyone goodbye and then start driving to the gym.  

7PM Self-care begins! There are many ways people stay active and relieve stress. My self-care comes in the form of dance. Twice a week, I take a 90-minute hip-hop class. I’ve danced since a young age, so being able to continue this passion is like my chicken noodle soup. It’s good for the soul! I can’t stress enough how important it is to have some “me” time and do something for yourself. In order for me to be my best, and take care of others, I must first take care of myself. 

9PM Make it back home. The kids should already be asleep, but like most of the time, they’re waiting for me to get home and read them a story. I read them a quick story and kiss them goodnight. “Alexa, set a timer for 6:15am. “Momma, can you put on some sleeping music?” “Alexa, play ‘relaxing sleeping music.’ What would I do without you, Alexa?! 

9:15PM Wash off my makeup and take a quick shower. Then I browse through my closet and lay out clothes for tomorrow. 

9:30PM Finally hop into bed. My husband is watching a show on Netflix, and I cuddle up beside him. We both fall asleep before the show is over. Thanks for setting the sleep timer, Hunny!  

Fast Facts

What she’s reading: Kind Is the New Classy by Candace Cameron Bure (a gift from a student)
Best vacation: Touring castles in Ireland
Instagram she always likes: @themrsgibby (also from DFW)
Where she goes for retail therapy: HomeGoods
Favorite movie: Pitch Perfect
Favorite date night spot: Texas de Brazil
Beverage of choice: Iced white mocha from Starbucks
Words she lives by: Let your light shine.” Matthew 5:16
Biggest pet peeve: Disrespect
Motherhood in five words:Where does the time go?
Dream job as a kid: Teacher and Disney princess
How she and her husband met: Don’t even get us started—we have two totally different stories!
Why she chose where she lives: To be in Keller ISD
She’s really good at: Sleeping in
She’s really bad at: Waking up early
Habit she can’t quit: Biting my nails
If she had to change careers, she’d be a: Disney princess! 

Image courtesy of Jessica Ferris with Jessica Rambo Photography.