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Holiday Outfit Inspiration

fashion ideas from one of our mommy bloggers for your next holiday party

As sure as the sun rises and sets each day, parties will be had during the holidays. Looking at our calendar, we can already see that we’re booked to the brim and Thanksgiving hasn’t even arrived yet. With so many parties on the horizon, we’re sure you’re going to need some fashion inspiration. Luckily, our mommy blogger Lauren (aka the Gabbing Ginger from Fort Worth) has some ideas for you and the kiddos from a few great boutiques. 

Holiday fashion can be overwhelming. There can be so many events to dress for with a variety of dress codes, so I thought I’d showcase some versatile looks from local and national retailers with a variety of prices. One of my favorite ways to get outfit inspiration is to see a look, piece together something similar from the wardrobe I already own and then jazz it up with one new item. I feel like that’s more reasonable than buying an entire new outfit, especially since the holidays can be quite expensive. 

My favorite part about holiday fashion is that you can add a little extra glam to any look to “up” the festiveness. I love utilizing animal prints and different fabric textures like faux leather or velvet to get that holiday flair. Below are some outfit inspirations that I hope will help inspire you for all of your holiday events. 

Store One: Fringe Gifts carries staple items that can help build your wardrobe, as well as fun current fashion trends. What I love about these looks is the animal print and fabric variations. You can really add flare to an outfit with a good shoe (the red booties and snake print really help add to the style). These looks would be perfect for holiday brunches, company parties and friendsgivings.

Olive Liquid Blouse Outfit: Items range from $18-$250
Midi Skirt Outfit: Items range from $22-$68
Leopard + Leather Outfit: Items range from $39-$122
Leopard Blouse Outfit:Items range from $22-$65

Store Two: I wanted to incorporate some mom and kid’s looks from Birdie and B Kids. The best part is the stores are under the same ownership. Birdie and B Kids carry quality items for moms and kiddos alike! For family outfits, I love to stay within a color scheme but add patterns, layers and texture so everyone doesn’t look too “matchy matchy.” You can see how the ruffles, fringe, velvet and sequins help take these outfits to the next level, especially over the holidays. These looks would be perfect for family photos, school Christmas parties and church services! 

The Classic
Plaid outfit- $70
Red sweater outfit- $180

Colors and Prints
Green button down w/ jeans- Total outfit cost $95
Flower top w/ pink skirt- Total outfit cost $90

Prints and Pizazz
White top w/ skirt-  Total outfit cost $150
Pink dress w/ vest- Total outfit cost $120
Polo w/ navy vest-  Total outfit cost $175


Store Three: Now if you need a little something fancy in your life for an event, Neiman Marcus always has you covered. They always have killer dresses at a variety of prices. Their staff is also excellent at helping you find the perfect look. Both of the dresses below have a lot of pizzazz, but during the holidays, it’s perfect!


Sequin Stripe Long Sleeve $275
Dark sequin dress: $195

I hope these looks help inspire you for all of your holiday shopping needs!

Lauren is a thirty-something mama of two that loves to gab about family, food, fashion, fitness, Fort Worth…anything fun! She married her college sweetheart and has a little boy, little girl and one fur baby. She was born in Arlington, Texas, raised in Edmond, Oklahoma, and moved to Fort Worth, Texas, almost 10 years ago. She attended the University of Oklahoma and has a master’s degree in Human Relations. She loves gabbing and helping guide others—whether it’s finding the perfect outfit or navigating the throws of motherhood. Find her blog, Gabbing Ginger, online or on Instagram.

Images courtesy of Music Creek Photography, Canon Sawyer Photography, Birdie And B Kid’s and Neiman Marcus.