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gift guide for babies

Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Babies & Toddlers

9 gift ideas for the littlest ones on your list

We hope your little one will be able to explore more of the world outside your home next year. In the meantime, we found accessories, toys and books that encourage curiosity and sensory stimulation at home—sans screens (because we’ve all had enough pandemic-induced screen time this year). Here are nine gift ideas for the babies and toddlers on your list:

gift guide for babies and toddlers
Courtesy of Kleynimals

Kleynimals Keys and Rattle

If your baby likes to play with your keys, give them something less gross (just being honest) to fiddle with. The Kleynimals Key Toys and Rattle are both designed to stimulate baby’s senses. But with no sharp edges, no lead and no grime, the stainless steel animals are safe for your little one—and your dishwasher. Yeah, you can tell this product was invented by a mom. // From $35

gift guide for toddlers
Courtesy of Les Déglingos

Les Déglingos Corduroy Plush

We love heirloom-quality stuffies—and if they’re machine washable, even better. Enter French brand Les Déglingos, a favorite among European parents. With soft, durable corduroy and no choking hazards, the animals (including a llama, flamingo, hippo and tiger) are perfect for cuddling with your newborn or accompanying your toddler on their sometimes-messy adventures. // $9.99–$29.99

gift guide for babies
Courtesy of Tiny Teethers

Tiny Teethers Pacifier Clips

Designed by a mom, Tiny Teethers pacifier clips do double-duty keeping your kiddo’s binky secure and giving them something safe to chew on. The soft silicone beads are lightweight, so they won’t tug the pacifier out of your child’s mouth. Check out the brand’s charming wood teethers too. // $12.99–$14.99

gift guide for babies
Courtesy of Nomandino

Nomandino Boots

Listen, y’all: It’s never too early to buy your young Texan their first pair of cowboy boots. This local brand’s handmade leather boots are adorable—and practical: Each boot has a zipper for easier on-and-off, and the rubber soles are designed to give your tyke traction as they find their footing. But you don’t have to wait till they’re walking; the boots come in sizes for ages 3–18 months. // $55–$57

gift guide for babies
Courtesy of Harper Collins

Baby Scientist Book Series

This board book series introduces little ones to botany, oceanography, astronomy and, in the latest installment, paleontology (read: dinosaurs!) in a way that’s totally accessible to babies and toddlers. Through simple sentences and colorful illustrations, we see a tiny scientist using the tools of the trade, encountering the natural world and having fun—an inspiring message for your kiddo as they take their first steps into the world. // $8.99 each

gift guide for toddlers
Courtesy of Lovevery

The Block Set by Lovevery

This is above and beyond your average block set (and for the price, we’d expect no less). Designed by child development experts for age 18 months and up, The Block Set includes 70 pieces—made from sustainable, nontoxic materials—in all shapes and sizes, from wooden people to geometric forms to parts for assembling a pull car. The variety ensures that as your child grows, they’ll keep finding new ways to play. // $90

gift guide for toddlers
Courtesy of Step2

Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table 

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a good ol’ fashioned lawn sprinkler, but if your toddler loves water play, a Step2 water table like this one (there are other themes too) brings some variety to their splishing and splashing. Together you can make a gentle rain shower and watch how the wheels and ramps spin and tilt as the water hits them. When you feel safe hosting playdates again, the table is large enough for several kiddos to gather around. And the best news: It’s easy to assemble and drain. // $69.99

best gifts for babies
Courtesy of Sissies Adventure Books

Sissies Adventure Series Books
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Pack your bags—the Sissies are going on vacation! Join the Sissies as they visit the sea, the mountains, and Mexico. Your little will enjoy these chunky page books. Written by Marisa Howard. // $36

gift guide for babies and toddlers

Courtesy of Wild DoughWild Dough

Playdough is fun even for toddlers (with supervision, of course), but the dough can be too tough for their tiny fingers to manipulate. So an Aussie mom whipped up her own dough that’s soft enough for 1- and 2-year-olds to mold, pinch and squeeze, and made with ingredients you can pronounce. Plus, it smells good and lasts at least six months, even without preservatives. Wild Dough just made its way to the United States this fall; choose from colors like neon purple, sea glass teal or the glitter-infused fairy dust. // $14.95–$15.95

gift guide for toddlers
Courtesy of Whatsitsface

Whatsitsface Plush 

Start boosting your child’s EQ (that’s emotional intelligence) with these inventive plush toys that come with six rotating expressions: happy, sad, angry, surprised, amused and sleepy. Besides helping your little one identify emotions, the plush toy could help you, say, convince a stubborn kiddo that it’s time to sleep. Go to the Whatsitsface website to see how the expression-changing mechanism works. // $24.99

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Featured image courtesy of Wild Dough.