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Grace Mitchell, photography by Carter Rose

HGTV Star Grace Mitchell’s Favorite Things

from date night to self-care to reading material

Read our full interview with Mom Next Door Grace Mitchell, star of HGTV’s show One-of-a-Kind

For Date Night
“Our special place is either Ellerbe or Lili’s—they are both amazing. The owner of Ellerbe is on the first episode tonight. I had never really known her before the show, but she applied and she’s an amazing chef, but she had this not chef-y kitchen. So we got to make it really amazing and fit them and their story. It was just a really special project.”
Ellerbe Fine Foods // 1501 W. Magnolia Ave., Fort Worth; 817/926-3663; ellerbefinefoods.com
Lili’s Bistro // 1310 W. Magnolia Ave., Fort Worth; 817/877-0700; lilisbistro.com 

For Self-Care
“Honestly, I slept an hour last night. This is real life. During the season, my house is typically a wreck because I will pull things out of my house to style with a lot. And then it just doesn’t get put back in the right place because I don’t have time. There’s shelves empty. My dining room table has stuff all over it. I’m typically pretty organized, and especially now that my kids are older, I can afford a little more organization. So my biggest self-care thing would be a bath at the end of the day.”

For Reading Material
“I love to read design books. I’m not trained as an interior designer; I really had to teach myself, and I did a lot of that through reading about other people’s philosophies and how they did things—and then from that, pulling different things from different people that I admired and then creating my own thing.”
Habitat by Lauren Liess // laurenliess.com 

For a Family Outing
“I love just getting to walk. We’re close to the trails over here and close to the river, so I just love getting to walk together.”
Trinity Trails // trwd.com/be-active 

For Inspiration
“If I am feeling a little bit down, I can walk through Simple Things and feel better. It’s very beautifully curated and collected.”
Simple Things // 7401 W. Vickery Blvd., Fort Worth; 817/332-1772; simplethingsfurniture.com

For Hauling Her Crew
“I had a quadruple stroller; we call it Mitchell Stadium. It was amazing. It’s really how I left my house for three years. There were two kids on top that faced me and two kids on bottom.”
Adventure Buggy // adventurebuggyco.com 

Photography by Carter Rose