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Real-life parenting moments

Heartwarming + Hilarious Real-Life Parenting Moments We Heard This Spring

memorable moments from parents and guardians of children with special needs

“With each Wednesday night Bible study, my daughter has gained more independence and, eventually, asked to be dropped off and left to find her way. It is rare that I can drop Maria off in a carpool line. When I picked her up, Mrs. Debbie told me that Maria eagerly participates in songs and raises her hands to participate in Bible study and prayer time. Such a grateful moment.” —Whitney, Preston Hollow. Her daughter Maria, 12, has fetal alcohol syndrome disorder.

“Every week, our special needs son eats pasta, which consists of Heart Smart Prego, rotini noodles and meat. Dad accidentally grabbed the kind with colored noodles. Our son’s response: “Mom, I can’t eat these—they have crayons in them!” —Dianna, Dallas. Her son Nathan, 12, has autism spectrum disorder.

“My nonverbal son crawled up into our truck and locked himself in with the keys. We tried to get him to open the door, but he just sat there with his tablet waving at us. We had to call the fire department. My son saw the fire truck, unlocked the door and quickly hopped out to get in the fire truck. The firemen even let him try out some gear.”Adri, Rowlett. Her daughter Harley, 4, and son Gauge, 7, both have autism. Her son also has ADHD and is nonverbal.

“My great-grandson and I are in the car one day trying to decide on a lunch spot. Here’s how it went: Ian: Nana, do you like Hooters? Me: Sure, I like Hooters. Ian: Me too. But it’s not because I have a girlfriend there or know anyone.”  Carolyn, Benbrook. She is the great-grandmother of a 7-year-old with autism.

Illustration courtesy of Mary Dunn.