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Three Halloween-Inspired Crafts from Todd Oldham and Kid Made Modern

Costumes, creatures and monsters, oh my!

The countdown ‘til Halloween—and the accompanying glee of costumes and candy—is underway. To help ease your kids’ anticipation, Todd Oldham and Kid Made Modern have released a trio of craft projects to get the whole family into the festively spooky spirit.

The designer (and former Dallasite) lends his signature flair for bold shapes and color combinations to his new Halloween-inspired crafts line with Kid Made Modern, Oldham’s kid-approved line of arts supplies, home décor and apparel. With KMM’s kits, families can choose between constructing monsters, painting swamp creatures or making masks to top off their Halloween costumes. While each kit comes with plenty of artsy inspiration from Oldham’s team, the focus of each project is to support your child’s unique creativity. “It’s less about craft skills and more about teaching kids to open their minds to their own imagination and teaching them to always think bigger and differently,” says Danielle Kurtz, creative director of Kid Made Modern. “And give them the courage to express themselves.”

Your little monsters will love the Paint Your Own Swamp Creature Kit, a zero-prep project that comes with a moveable wooden creature plus six paints and two brushes to beautify their very own Bigfoot. Whatever your kiddo dreams up, their 7-inch-tall creature will make the perfect Halloween decoration for years to come.

KMM’s On-the-Go Monster Kit has everything your boy or ghoul (har, har) will need to construct their own Frankenstein-ian creature. The set includes 39 wooden pieces and 12 gel pens, which kids can use to color and then assemble and re-assemble three different monsters. Mom will love that the kit comes with a carrying case to keep all the monster parts neatly organized as your brood moves from home to the car to restaurants, waiting rooms and more.

The whole family can fashion Halloween accessories with KMM’s Make a Mask Kit. Inspired by the earth’s elements, the kit features enough supplies to craft nine felt masks that resemble fiery flames, thunderstorms, rainbows, outer space and more. “Even if they aren’t ready to DIY an entire costume from scratch, we hope it inspires kids to add a few accessories of their own making to their costume,” says Kurtz. For kids who like to color outside of the proverbial lines, throw away Oldham’s accompanying design guides and decorate to your heart’s desire. Each set contains glitter pots, sequins, colorful pipe cleaners, glue, elastic cords and pre-cut felt pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a one-of-a-kind costume.

Kits are recommended for kids ages 6 and up—meaning that while parent supervision is recommended, each project is designed for easy assembly for your crafty kiddos. But of course, the folks behind Kid Made Modern encourage artists of all ages to take part in the fun. “As a parent myself, I find it’s important to show my kids that I’m always learning,” Kurtz explains. “You don’t have to be a master crafter to teach your kids to love getting crafty. Just play and learn together. And, most importantly, make the process fun!”