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Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

need some Halloween costume inspiration?

Halloween is just around the corner, y’all. Do you have your kiddo’s costume picked out yet? If not, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite easy, fun and creative kids’ costumes you just might want to try this year.

So simple. Grab some black pants and a white-and-black-striped shirt, and you’re good to go. (Extra points if the bag is filled with “cash.”)

IMAGE: Amazon

Another easy one. Grab some black pants and a black long sleeve shirt, then throw on these beautiful wings!

IMAGE: Amazon

Just beware there could be feathers following you around for the next few weeks.


Cozy, comfy and still cute. And if your kiddo isn’t really into the elephant option, there are other animals to choose from in this onesie, including a sloth, koala, kangaroo and more.

IMAGE: Amazon

Lego Block
This is a big enough Lego that you won’t accidentally step on in the middle of the night.


Baby Yoda
You know this will get all the attention.

IMAGE: Jody Ross of MadhatterKnitsCo

Disney Characters
So many options, so little time; but this little Olaf calls for warm hugs.

IMAGE: Desert Chica

Whether your kids want to be Superman or Thor, just remind them that they can’t actually fly when sporting this outfit.

IMAGE: iStock

Scuba Diver
With this gear, the kiddos will be ready to dive into their Halloween loot.

IMAGE: Delineate Your Dwelling

Troll Doll
Your little one can channel their inner pop troll, country troll, hip hop troll—whatever they want!

IMAGE: Amazon


Perfect for the creative kiddo in the family; have fun designing your robot however you want.

IMAGE: liagriffith.com

3 Blind Mice
Great for triplets, cousins or friends. There’s no blind leading the blind here.

IMAGE: Primary.com

UPS Driver 
Considering how many packages you had delivered during quarantine, it’s perfect for 2020.

IMAGE: Party City

Toilet Paper Roll
Pardon me, this is perfect for 2020.

IMAGE: Costume Works

Incredibly on trend with the boys this year.

IMAGE: Party City

Nurse or Doctor
Your kids can pay homage to these everyday heroes.

IMAGE: Party City

We’d love to see what your kiddos dress up as this year too, so send some pictures our way to editorial@dfwchild.com.

Happy Halloween!