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Gym Dandy

We all know where that home workout equipment ends up: tucked away in the garage (or under the bed if it fits like the commercial promises). Bringing new meaning to your fitness routine and to that infamous storage abyss is The Body Garage. From the outside, the quaint building in Mistletoe Heights may look like a place where you’d get your car repaired. But the only bodywork this fully equipped establishment specializes in is yours. It’s Fort Worth’s one-stop Pilates shop to a better body. Combining mat classes, split-pedal chairs and more, this studio offers muscle toning at every level using nothing but your own body weight and motions to achieve the results. Need someone to spot you at every rep? Personal trainers are also available to help you perfect your every move. So whenever you’re ready to get that much-needed tune-up, call the folks at the Garage.