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Griggs Park in Dallas

Location: 2200 Hugo St. in Dallas, off Highway 75 at Woodall Rogers. The playground is adjacent to Clark Street in the southeast corner of the park. 

What makes it noteworthy: With views of downtown Dallas and a new playground for kids of all ages, Griggs Park is the perfect place to spend a morning. Younger kids romp on the treehouse-themed play set that features a tunnel, slide and built-in musical toys. The older kids’ area is more like an obstacle course, with ropes, monkey bars and other challenges to conquer in order to reach the slide at the end. There’s also a four-person seesaw, one swing for kids and one swing for babies. 

Extras: Plenty of tables and chairs and park benches border the playground, and the park boasts a spacious grassy area and a paved trail. 

Safety: This playground received an A* on the Playground Safety Report Card. The brand-new equipment is clean and safe, and the area is partially fenced to protect kids from the street.