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Green Papaya Bistro

Vibe: Freshness is the name of the game at this Vietnamese patio bistro in Oak Lawn. Most Vietnamese meals are prepared with water, rather than oil, so you can be assured your dish is healthy and fresh. You leave feeling healthy, not heavy, too.

Why it’s tot-friendly: Getting the kids to eat their veggies is that much easier when the veggies are dressed to impress. Steamed to perfection, the meats and vegetables are at their colorful best, and kids will devour dishes untainted by heavy sauces and preservatives.

Be sure to try: Chicken spring rolls (Goi Cuon Ga, labeled NO. 3 for your convenience) and flat noodle plates with broccoli.

Good to know: Most of the dinner menu items are available in smaller portions at lunch.

Best times to go with kids: Weeknights are best before Oak Lawn descends for weekend date nights.