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13 Great Kids’ Books About Weather

weather books for all ages

We’re here. The rainiest part of the year in North Texas has arrived. And it’s not just the gentle showers we should expect. Spring is also our severe weather season too when tornadoes and hail start to show their faces.

Whether your child is wary of the weather or fascinated by it (or you’d like for them to learn more about weather) books are a great resource. We asked for a few recommendations from Amanda Hill, a Richardson mom whose son is very watchful of the weather, and Samantha Davies, a mom and NBC 5 meteorologist. Check them out.

Secrets of Our Earth, by Carron Brown
This neat book is a  shine-a-light book; you use a flashlight behind a page, or hold the page up to a light, to reveal the hidden images. This book will let your kiddos explore all the climates of the world, from polar lands to rain forests.
Best for: Pre-K–2

Cloudette, by Tom Lichtenheld
This book follows a small cloud named Cloudette who’s in pursuit of greatness. And there’s a great moral behind the weather story too: You can make a difference, no matter your size.
Best for: Pre-K–K

The Little Raindrop, by Joanna Gray
This adorably illustrated book shows how a raindrop goes from cloud, to puddle, to stream and so on—educating little ones in Earth’s water cycle.
Best for: Pre-K–1

National Geographic Kids weather books, including Little Kids First Big Book of Weather, by Karen de Seve
How does a rainbow form? What causes it to snow? And what makes the wind blow? Introduce your kids to weather with this book that will answer all their questions.
Best for: 1–3

Magic Treehouse, Book 30: Hurricane Heroes in Texas, by Mary Pope Osborne
As the magic treehouse takes the heroes of the story back in time to the year 1900 in Galveston, Texas, they come upon one of the biggest hurricanes of all time.
Best for: 2–4

I Survived series, by Lauren Tarshis
This series about kids living through real-life experiences has quite a few interesting weather-related stories, including Hurricane Katrina, the Joplin tornado of 2011 and the Children’s Blizzard of 1888.
Best for: 2–5

Other books about weather that we recommend:

A Year in the Wind, by Hanna Konola
Help your kiddos learn about the wind’s impact in this fun read.
Best for: Pre-K–1

The Rain Came Down, by David Shannon
This book will help your kiddos explore how the weather makes them feel.
Best for: Pre-K–2

The Magic Schoolbus: Twister Trouble, by Anne Schreiber
Join Ms. Frizzle as they take a trip to Weatherama Amusement Park where they accidentally fly right into a tornado.
Best for: 2–4

Rainbows (Amazing Sights of the Sky), by Jane P. Gardner
Rainbows are a beautiful sight, but does your child know how this visual spectacle forms?
Best for: Pre-K–2

The Cloud Book, by Tomie dePaola
If your kids love looking at all the different types of clouds in the sky, grab this book where they will learn how to identify them and other fun facts.
Best for: 1–3

DK Eyewitness books: Weather, Brian Cosgrove
This book provides fun activities to learn about weather, from clouds to rain to wind.
Best for: 2–4

Eye of the Storm: NASA, Drones and the Race to Crack the Hurricane Code, by Amy Cherrix
Great for the older kids in your home, this book explores storm forecasting. Look for other Scientist in the Field books if you like this one.
Best for: 5–7

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