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Give Them an Earful

Are you homeschooling your child? If you haven’t heard of the Recorded Books Program, you might be overlooking a valuable resource. The program supplies audio books (everything from Madeleine’s Christmas to Marley & Me to The Complete Works of William Shakespeare) to schools as well as to homeschooled children all over the Metroplex—all free of charge.

Particularly in the public school system, a child who has reading limitations (due to a learning disability or visual impairment) can get left behind, according to Betty Hersey, executive director at Dallas’ Reading & Radio Resource. “A kid has to feel successful early on,” she points out. “They need to understand they can learn.” So her organization—voiced by volunteers—brings the books to the kids. For many kids, hearing words while following along in a book can exponentially increase comprehension. Get more info about incorporating this program into your child’s curriculum at www.readingresource.org.