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Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Kids Ages 6–10

what to buy for your not-so-little kids

It can be really tough to shop for kiddos in this age range. By now, they’ve accumulated so many toys, games and gadgets—what can you possibly buy for the holidays that they’ll genuinely enjoy? Don’t worry; we’re up for the challenge. Take a look at what we think are the best gifts for kids ages 6–10 in your life.

best gifts for kids
Courtesy of Mattel

UNO Showdown 

It’s official: We’ve all had too much screen time in 2020. Take back your family night with this fun upgrade of the traditional UNO card game. Play a “showdown” card and see who can push their button the fastest. If it’s not you, more cards will fly your way, making it harder to get UNO. Your kids will love to try to beat you. // $14.99


best gifts for kids
Courtesy of Hasbro


Roll the dice and buy this classic game for your kids. They’ll enjoy taking calculated risks, hoping the dice will land on just what they need and going for that elusive Yahtzee. Bonus: The game also lets your children practice their math skills! It’s a win all around, no matter who ends up with the highest score. // $7.99

best toys for kids
Courtesy of iHeartArt

Mash-Up Art Pack Glitter FX 

Here’s another screen-free gift idea—sure to inspire creativity or at least make writing this week’s spelling words a little more fun. This art pack includes glitter gel pens and glitter markers along with metallic watercolors and a sizeable (but not too big) pad of paper. Watch what your child writes and creates sparkle and shine. They can use the included techniques guide or do it on their own—and everything comes in a convenient carrying case. You might even want to snag a marker to compose your grocery list (because glitter makes everything better). // $23.99

gifts for kids
Courtesy of Compound Kings

Social Studio Hands-Free Video Station

Slime videos and the mind-blowing popularity that comes along with them are things parents may never understand—but that’s OK. We don’t have to understand to equip our kids to make the best slime videos ever.  This station will hold a smartphone, allow kids to position it at different angles and take the squishy, stretchy, squeezy footage of their dreams. It includes scented slime compound, foam bead and glitter mix-ins, and all the tools they need. Your kiddo can also use the station to make other kinds of demo videos—crafting, art, cooking … the possibilities are endless. // $19.99


gifts and toys for kids
Courtesy of Scholastic

I Survived Books 

 This series tells the story of real-life disasters from the perspective of a child who made it through. The eruption of Mount St. Helens, the crash of the Hindenburg, Pearl Harbor, Hurricane Katrina and more—each book engages kids through adventure, danger and the knowledge that this is something that really happened. There are 19 books in the series so far. // From $4.99

toys for kids
Courtesy of Force1RC

Scoot Drone 

Drones are super cool—but can be super expensive and super complicated. This model is perfect for kiddos. It’s hand operated; just toss it into the air to launch the drone and put up your palm to guide it in the direction you want it to go. The flying component is housed in a plastic shell to protect little fingers too. There’s no remote to keep up with, and it charges with a USB cable. It’s fun to play with and fun to watch. // $34.99


gifts for kids
Courtesy of Garmin

Garmin Vívofit Jr. 3 

Here’s a splurge item for your little fitness fanatic or the child you’re encouraging to get more active. When they do an hour of activity a day, they can access games and quizzes, learn some new fitness moves and collect virtual gems. Moms and dads can use the accompanying app to track exercise and sleep, assign chores, give rewards and more. Plus, there’s a design sure to please every kid, whether they want a simple design or want to flaunt their obsession with Iron Man or Disney princesses. // $79.99


gifts and toys for kids
Courtesy of Thimble

Thimble Subscription STEM Kits 

If you have a budding STEM professional in your house, consider getting them a subscription to Thimble. The company sends STEM kits to your house, and your child will use the supplies in virtual build-along classes—making everything from nightlights, doorbells and alarms to a weather station, WiFi robot and video game controller. They can also access self-paced lessons in Thimble’s learning portal. You can subscribe by the month or for an entire year. Best for age 9 and up. // Starts at $39.95 per month


toys and gifts for kids
Courtesy of MindWare

Science Academy Soap Lab 

Kids will love blending custom colors and perfumes as they make soap and learn the science behind suds. This kit comes with ingredients, mold designs, a lab station, beakers, colorants, scents and more. When your kids are done, they’ll have soap they can really use and understand the difference between hydrophobic and hydrophilic molecules. The Soap Lab is just one of the many Science Academy kits. Also check out the Lip Balm Lab, Bath Bomb Lab, Robot Lab, Gross Body Lab … there are lots of choices for your young scientist. // $24.95


gifts for kids
Courtesy of Member’s Mark

Hangout POD Hanging Tent 

Even kids need their own space now and then. Let them retreat into this hanging tent, complete with LED lights, cushion and stand (it can also hang from a tree). There are circular windows you can open, or pull back the entry flaps for even more ventilation. It’s sturdy and comfy at the same time. // $199.98

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