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Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Her

8 gift ideas for the one who does it all

Moms (and women generally) have worn more than enough hats this year. And while she might not want you to stress too much about getting her a present, she deserves to be celebrated for all she does this holiday season. Here are eight ideas for gifts for her! Whether that’s Mom, Grandma, big or little sister or your best friend. 

gifts for her
Courtesy of Homesick

Homesick Candles
Has your family canceled your annual trip to see the grandparents? What about a yearly vacation? We feel you. Homesick candles are designed to manifest joy in homes by creating scents that embody people, places and moments that matter most. Scents range from every U.S. state to multiple cities and countries, occasions and memories. // $34 

best gifts for her
Courtesy of Calm-A-Mama

Calm-A-Mama Organic Sleep Drops
Is she getting enough sleep these days? If not, consider these ingestible sleep drops—filled with chamomile, flower, lemon and lavender extracts—to help get her back to her regular sleeping schedule. Plus, it’s not only safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mamas, but it’s also great for kids, dads and more. // $16.99 

gifts for her
Courtesy of Rothy’s

Rothy’s The Sneaker
Moms are always on their feet. And let’s be honest, it’s definitely not always comfortable. Enter Rothy’s The Sneaker, a slip-on sneaker made from repurposed water bottles that can be dressed up or down, depending on the errand. The best part? They’re machine washable. So if her little one flings food or leaves easy-to-step-in messes, it’s the perfect shoe. // $125

best gifts for her
Courtesy of PhoneSoap

HomeSoap Household Sanitizer
Sanitizing is no easy feat—even before the pandemic. This UV sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs without harmful heat. And it’s safe for everyday household items—from children’s toys, pacifiers, bottles and books to remote controls and tablets. The easy-to-use sanitizer allows Mom to take a break as the 10-minute cycle rids commonly-touched items from germs. // $199.95

best gifts for her and mom
Courtesy of Reunion Tower

Reunion Tower Tickets
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Give the gift of Dallas at 470 feet and enjoy endless photo ops with the best view in town! Visit the website for upcoming events to make the gift extra special.

gifts for her
Courtesy of Evereden

Evereden Golden Belly Serum
For mamas who recently had a baby or are pregnant, try this luxurious blend of botanicals that targets stretch marks and strengthens the skin barrier. A blend of 13 potent botanical oils helps regenerate and nourish the skin while leaving out over 2,000 harmful ingredients. And it smells amazing. // $32 

gifts for her
Courtesy of Warmies

Warmies Warming Slippers
Give the gift of relaxation this holiday season with warming herbal slippers. These are made of flax seed and dried French lavender, so the aroma will be relaxing and heavenly.  With heated slippers, your best friend or special aunt will get spa-like relaxation as she unwinds. When microwaved, you’ll be able to smell that luxurious lavender aroma. // $19.99 

best gifts for her
Courtesy of Takeya

Cold Brew Coffee Maker
The perfect gift for any woman who needs their daily dose of caffeine. This simple set up brews one quart of cold brew concentrate through a fine-mesh coffee filter. It’s small enough to store in most refrigerator doors for two weeks. And it’s even dishwasher safe. Bonus! // $24.99

gifts for her
Courtesy of Slip

Slip Silk Sleepmask
All the women in your life deserve a good night’s sleep (or mid-day nap). This silk sleep mask delivers not only good sleep, but also anti-aging benefits because it doesn’t tug at the face. The extra thick, high quality silk is softer on the eyes and provides the ultimate sleeping experience. And if Mom or Grandma struggles with allergies, the mask is hypoallergenic, dust-mite-resistant and breathable. // $50

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