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Funny & Cute #MomTruths from September

from impromptu smoking PSAs to wardrobe mishaps

Each month, we ask our readers to share what we call #MomTruths—funny, cute, sweet parenting moments that stand out among the rest. Below are some of our favorite from September this year. 

“Recently, my son and I stopped at a gas station. He spotted a group of strangers taking a smoke break. He’s fascinated by all things health right now, so he stopped and gave them a speech on the dangers of cigarette smoking.” Lori, Lucas. Her son is 13 years old and on the autism spectrum.

“We have nightly prayers in our house. Our oldest daughter thanked God for the usual—Mommy, Daddy, Lil’ Sis, etc. And then our youngest says, ‘Thank you for my sisters, Mommy, Daddy, dragons and unicorns because they are so special. Amen.’”Meredith, The Colony

“Moms who have time to cook chicken nuggets in the oven, you win! I couldn’t keep up with the days of the week during e-learning, not to mention planning three meals a day, every day.” Nika, Frisco. She has two sons, one of whom is on the autism spectrum.

“My little one isn’t so little anymore, but I always look back on our morning dates with Chick-n-Minis at ‘Chick-ta-lay’ and laugh.” Alissa, Little Elm

“When my son was little, he would have unusual names for things. The one that really made us giggle was when he called Lucky Charms ‘Side Dumps’! How he came up with that, we’ll never know.” Jeanmarie, Plano. Her son is on the autism spectrum.

“We were standing in line at Disney World last December when the couple in front of us kept looking at my daughter. They didn’t speak English very well but gestured at her feet. I smiled and said, ‘Thank you,’ thinking they were admiring her shoes. Turns out, her shoes were on the wrong feet!” Sabrina, Lantana

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Illustration courtesy of Mary Dunn.