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#momtruths from december

Funny and Cute #MomTruths from December

festive family moments and sweet baby banter

Pizza confusion, holiday babble and more. Laugh and smile with this month’s sweet and seasonal parenting moments—aka #MomTruths.

“Every time our family goes and looks at Christmas lights, we bring a bag of marshmallows. Whenever we see a nativity scene, we each eat a marshmallow. My son shouts, ‘I see baby Jesus! Can I have a mell-mashow?’’ Jadah, Lewisville

“I told my son that I got him Bagel Bites for dinner because he did great in school today. He got upset because he thought I said I got him ‘Big ol’ Bites’—and he didn’t want a giant pizza, he wanted tiny pizzas.”Angela, Irving

“Every year, COVID notwithstanding, we host extended family gatherings in our home—because our son, who has autism, loves to throw things in the air. Gifts aren’t under our tree until 11:59pm Christmas Eve because he loves opening any and all wrapped gifts he sees. For family, the mad dash begins on arrival: ‘Hurry! The bedroom is unlocked, so throw the gifts in there!’ Merry Christmas!” Bethany, Keller. Her daughter, 14, has epilepsy and her son, 11, has autism

“We have fish sticks at our house for dinner about three nights out of seven. I’ve stopped resisting it. The kids love them, and there’s some protein in them. It’s a battle we can no longer fight or win. Vive la fish stick!” Heather, Rockwall

“After working with my son for months in the spring on using the microwave to make his own breakfast, I was finally rewarded. When he told me he was hungry, I told him to go and make his breakfast. He got the pizza rolls, put them on a plate and into the microwave. Not only does this new skill make him more independent, it also lightens my load!” Rhonda, Grand Prairie. Her son has autism and speech impairment

“My dad had to have cataract surgery, and I told my 6-year-old son to let him know we were praying for him. ‘I prayed for you,’ my son said to his grandpa. ‘Oh, thank you,’ my dad replied. ‘That means so much to me.’ My son quickly added, ‘Well, I actually haven’t prayed for you yet.’ That made us all crack up.” —Alexis, North Richland Hills 

Illustration courtesy of Mary Dunn.