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illustration of funny parenting moments

Funniest Mom Moments from April

from birthday candle confusion to school crush dramatics

Hilarious birthday celebrations, bath-time frustrations and more. Here are this month’s funny and memorable parenting moments—aka #MomTruths—from our readers.

 “On my birthday, my 3-year-old twins said they had a surprise for me. They brought over a ‘candle’ and proceeded to sing me ‘Happy Birthday’ while waving around a tampon they found under my sink. They even made me pretend to blow it out!”
Nadia, Wylie

“Walking into an event, I say, ‘Oooh, we get a goodie bag!’ My 3-year-old son goes, ‘Mama, do they have baddie bags too?’”
Dacia, Dallas 

“My 21-month-old daughter decided she wanted to take a bath in her favorite pink leggings with hearts. Every time I tried taking them off, she refused. I put her in the bath, and she wasn’t happy because her leggings got wet, so we took them off. She insisted on holding them for the rest of the bath.”
Gosia, Euless

“My 6-year-old was talking under her breath, so I couldn’t understand what she said. I asked her to repeat it, so she says, ‘It’s true. When people are older, they get hard of hearing.’” Shree, Richardson

“I decided to have a pool rendering done and priced. The vendor came and discussed it with us. My daughter asked, ‘What happens if we sell the home and the pool cracks with new owners?’ The vendor turned to me and said, ‘Did your little girl just ask about transferable warranty?’ I’m a realtor, by the way.”
Jennifer, Prosper

“I picked up my daughter from first grade, and she asked me if I could pack a brown paper bag in her backpack tomorrow. I asked her why. She says her crush sits next to her in class, and she needs the bag because she might hyperventilate looking at him!” Amy, Mansfield

Illustration courtesy of Mary Dunn.