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editors' picks for christmas and winter

From the Editors: Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

all our favorites during this joyous season

It’s that time of year when the hot cocoa flows, another holiday always seems to be around the corner, and you gather with the family to get cozy by a fire. In other words, there’s a lot to love about this season. And the editors here at DFWChild wanted to share some of their winter favorites. Whether you’re looking for a new favorite hot beverage or a winter accessory, check out some great ideas!


“If I’m feeling festive, then it’s hot chocolate (make it with milk, not water for extra deliciousness); otherwise it’s coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.” –Heather Vance Devers, Creative Director

“I enjoy a coffee drink here and there, but it can be a little heavy. So my go-to hot beverage is flavored tea. Lipton Green Tea Peach Paradise is what’s currently in my pantry.” –Alexis Patterson, Managing Editor

“I have two. One for warming up while I go about my day—a toffee nut almond-milk latte—and one for when I’m sitting by the fire or gazing at our gorgeous (yes, I’m bragging) Christmas tree—egg nog with Maker’s Mark.” –Sydney Blalock Ritchie, Digital Editor

“I grew up 45 minutes from an amazing apple orchard that we’d visit multiple times a year. Anytime the holidays roll around, I always turn to spiced apple cider to keep me warm. If I can’t get my hands on good cider, I grab a hot chai latte.” –Emily Yearwood, Assistant Editor


“It’s a toss-up between my Ugg slippers and our faux fur throw blankets from Pottery Barn. I pretty much live in those slippers while hanging around the house, and the throw is perfect for getting cozy while watching a Christmas movie.” –Sydney Blalock Ritchie

“We have a faux fur blanket from Pottery Barn that everyone in my house loves, even the cat!” –Heather Vance Devers 

“I love chunky sweaters. There’s something about putting on a sweater that feels like you’re wearing a fashionable blanket. My go-to is definitely a cowl neck sweater I got from Target a few years ago that is no longer available, but this one is on my wishlist!” –Emily Yearwood

“When the temperatures dropped, my tennis shoes with no-show socks just weren’t cutting it. So after some in-depth research (virtual window shopping), I settled on these faux fur–lined Sorel booties. No more cold ankles.” –Alexis Patterson


“My grandma made advent calendars for all of her children to use with their kids. Ours was a yarn-stitched calendar where you hooked on ornaments (that she also yarn stitched) each day leading up to Christmas. I loved taking turns with my sisters putting on a new ornament. There were three angel ornaments and we’d fight if one of us didn’t get the chance to put on an angel ornament. My parents had to get clever with how they randomized the ornament selection to avoid a fight. But it’s still one of my favorite memories. When I go back home to visit, I always check and make sure the ornaments are all hooked on for Christmas.” –Emily Yearwood

“The weekend after Thanksgiving we always put up holiday decorations. I love kicking off the holiday season right away!” –Heather Vance Devers

“My top tradition seems to be waiting until the last minute to wrap presents and then begging my sister to help me. But for a tradition you might actually want to adopt, we take the kiddo to the lake on Christmas afternoon (weather permitting) for 20 or 30 minutes to try to catch a fish. It’s a fun way to take the focus off of all the stuff and enjoy a little time together.” –Alexis Patterson

“Every year since I can remember my family and I have a Christmas Eve-Eve dinner—on (or near) Dec. 23. It was meant to be a fancy, intimate occasion with just the three of us (now four with my husband) before the rest of the family came into town for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day—when things really get chaotic. Some of our favorite places for this dinner have been Lawry’s, Morton’s, Truluck’s and Nick & Sam’s. (Dad needs his steak.)” –Sydney Blalock Ritchie


“I really love to see wrapped trees, and some of the best are at the Daystar Television offices in Bedford (3901 Highway 121). You can see the magnificent display while driving along the highway, but exit and take a few minutes to cruise through the lights.” –Alexis Patterson

“I have to give a top three: Highland Park, Deerfield and Vitruvian. I love anything that’s over-the-top, and these spots don’t disappoint.” –Sydney Blalock Ritchie

“We love the lights in Frisco Square!” –Heather Vance Devers

“I’m really into classic Christmas decorations, so I love visiting the Arboretum. The ‘12 Days of Christmas’ display is unbeatable and reminds me of the old Frank Sinatra Christmas songs I love. I haven’t been to see the new Christmas Pyramid yet, but the pictures look spectacular.” –Emily Yearwood


“My skin gets incredibly dry in the winter, so my go to winter accessory is Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream and a humidifier. Just call me grandma!” –Heather Vance Devers

“My mom gifted me and my sisters these UGG Harkley Boots in dark brown (yes, it’s kid sized—I have small feet!), and I always bring them back out when temperatures drop. They’re perfect for brisk, rainy or snowy days when your outfit calls for something stylish but also requires warmth. Plus, they’ve held their shape pretty well, so I know I’ll have them for a few more years before I need to retire them.” –Emily Yearwood

“Pom pom beanies and blanket scarves are hard to beat. And cute boutiques always seem to have at least one or the other to choose from each winter that will stand out among the rest. I love seeing what The Vintage House in Carrollton or The Impeccable Pig has in stock.” –Sydney Blalock Ritchie

“Let me introduce you to my very favorite winter fashion find: Fairfax & Favor boots (from England) are gorgeous, amazing and everything you could ever want in footwear. They come with interchangeable tassels that are so pretty. I have the flat Reginas in tan suede and mahogany leather, as well as red and pink tassels. They’re expensive but the most fabulous boots I’ve ever had. They’re the only reason I’m OK with cold weather hanging around for a while.” –Alexis Patterson

Image courtesy of Ariana Leyva.