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How Aledo Mom and Entrepreneur Frances Juru Spends Her Thursday

Aledo mom Frances Juru was inspired by her son’s food allergies to start her own business: Smackin’ Mac.

Florida transplant Frances Juru is building a business selling her special Smackin’ Mac ‘N’ Cheese and nut-free bakery items, inspired by her son who has a severe nut allergy. Her husband, Sylvester, is a corporate analyst, and the two have been married for 11 months. They live in Aledo with sons Aiden, 7, and Ben, 6 months; daughter Ama, 14, lives with her mom.

6AM I’m awakened by the baby because he’s ready to nurse.

6:15AM After burping my baby, I get ready to wake my oldest son up. My husband is getting up to get ready for work, and he irons Aiden’s clothes for school.

6:30AM I give my son something quick for breakfast. His nut allergy limits many bakery items such as muffins. Aiden starts sneezing, so he takes his allergy medication for his environmental allergies (dust mites, grass, trees—it goes on and on).6:40AM While they eat breakfast, I sit down for a minute to burp the baby and finish nursing.

7:10AM Time to take Aiden to school. I kiss my husband as he heads off to work.

7:15AM I put the baby in his car seat, and Aiden entertains him to try and prevent him from crying along the way.

7:30AM I drop Aiden off at school.

7:45AM Once we’re back home, Ben takes a catnap, and I attempt to clean up a little.

8:30AM Baby is ready to eat again after a quick diaper change. I breastfeed just about every two hours all day.

9:45AM Ben is ready for another catnap, so I put him in his swing and rock him to sleep. Yay! I have time for a quick shower.

10:20AM No time for makeup because Ben’s up and ready to be breastfed. This is when I realize I didn’t have breakfast, so with one hand, I’m making a fruit and vegetable smoothie while nursing.

11:10AM Karaoke time. Yes, I bring out the karaoke machine! I put my baby in his bounce chair, and I play some songs to sing to him.

11:25AM I take a few minutes to do some business research looking for festivals and farmers markets where I can sell my food products. I sell the best macaroni and cheese, and I also have nut-free bakery items, specifically cakes. I created these baked goods after my oldest son was diagnosed with life-threatening allergies to pea- nuts and tree nuts. It was so difficult finding bakery items he could safely eat, so that sparked my idea!

11:50AM We get ready to go to a breastfeeding support group at Baylor Scott & White Hospital.

1PM Breastfeeding support group! Time to nurse, of course, but I get a chance to socialize with other moms and get my questions answered by lactation nurses.

3PM I’m in the car line to pick Aiden up from school. During the ride home, we discuss his day at school, and he tries to keep the baby from crying by talking to him.

3:30PM We get home, and I get a snack for Aiden while he gets started on his homework. I also throw a load of clothes in the washing machine; it seems like I’m constantly washing baby clothes now.

4:10PM I review Aiden’s homework, and he reads a book to his brother. Then Aiden has some free time on his Nintendo Switch before it’s time for him to get ready for golf.

5:30PM We arrive at the country club for Aiden’s evening golf program. While he’s playing golf, I go into the women’s restroom, which has an open seating area where I can breastfeed without a nursing cover. I’ve embraced breastfeeding without shame. It’s beautiful, natural and nurturing.

7PM Golf is over, but it’s late, and Aiden has school in the morning, so I head to McDonald’s to order him a nuggets Happy Meal.

7:15PM When we arrive home, Aiden tells my husband about his day, then he gets ready for bed. While he’s in the shower upstairs, my husband and I discuss his day at work, and he holds the baby while I try my best to quickly prepare dinner.

7:35PM Dinner is ready, and my baby is ready to nurse again. After a quick diaper change, I put him in the baby sling my husband refers to as the “kangaroo pouch.”

8:15PM Lights out for Aiden, except for the built-in LED lights around and under his bed. They keep the monsters away, according to him.

8:50PM Guess what? It’s time to feed Ben again! In the “kangaroo pouch” he goes, and he nurses as I prepare my husband’s and my oldest son’s lunches. Again with one hand only. Shazam! Lunches are in the fridge.

9:20PM My husband is still recovering from ankle surgery, so I check to make sure he doesn’t need anything else. Ben begins to “really wake up.” He’s most active in the evening.

10:15PM Well, it’s that time again to breastfeed Ben and change his diaper before he sleeps for a few hours. I’m still out on the sofa primarily because I have to sit up to breastfeed throughout the night, and the bed is just too comfortable for me to stay awake.

10:40PM Ben is asleep finally! My husband falls asleep as well.

1:30AM I get up to change Ben’s diaper and breastfeed. While I’m breastfeeding, I order groceries online for pickup—it’s so convenient.

3:45AM I’m like a zombie at this point. I finally sleep for a few hours before starting the day again.