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How Fort Worth Scientist & Mom of Five Yvette Ramirez Spends her Thursday

how she keeps things under control with work, five kids, and a house of eight

A scientist for Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Yvette Ramirez works full time and comes home to a family of eight. She lives in Fort Worth with her husband of 12 years, AJ, and their five kids. Two are AJ’s—Chelsea, 24, and Chase, 20and together they have Ethan, 10, Joshua, 7, and Nathan, 3. Ramirez is also a Gigi (not a grandma) to her stepdaughter’s daughter, Millie, 3. 

4:30AM Alarm goes off. This is my get-up-and-go-to-the-gym alarm. I quickly hit the snooze button and in a matter of seconds have made the decision that today, that’s just not happening. On a good day, this actually happens, but today is apparently not starting out like that.

5:45AM Alarm goes off again. Who am I kidding? It’s actually gone off a lot more since the first alarm, but now this is my last-chance-to-get-your-butt-out-of-bed alarm. I drag myself up and get ready for work.

6:30AM I should already be driving to work, but Ethan and Joshua are in the kitchen making their lunches. Joshua asks for help, so I start making him a sandwich. Now I am kicking myself for not having them prepare their lunches last night, as I usually do. Oh well. I make him his favorite sandwich, which is bologna, mayo and cheese. Once I hand it to him to put in his lunchbox, his face completely changes. The look of disappointment comes over his face as he tells me he wanted peanut butter and jelly. Seriously? This kid has requested his “favorite” sandwich for months now, and today of all days he decides he wants peanut butter! Normally I would tell him to just eat the bologna, but I feel he is already on edge, so I make a peanut butter sandwich for him and put the other one in the fridge. After asking them if they have brushed their teeth, gathered their stuff, etc., and hugs and kisses, I’m out the door. Daddy will take it from here.

7:30AM I’m already stressed out at work just looking at my calendar. I have two meetings, and I have to finish writing a technical document today so I will meet my deadline. Some days are hands-on in the lab, but most days, I’m at my laptop or in meetings.

9:30AM I feel like I need some caffeine to get me through the morning. Thankfully, there is a Starbucks on-site, so I grab an espresso Frappuccino before heading to my meeting.

12PM Normally I would be on my lunch break, but today is just not one of those days. I absolutely vow not to work late today, so here I am working through lunch so I can finish writing my technical report. I eat some snacks at my desk and keep on working.

4:30PM Met my deadline and I’m done with my day! Now it’s time to hurry up and drive to the taekwondo studio to see my kiddos.

5:10PM Made it to taekwondo. I’m greeted by my husband, Ethan and Joshua. My youngest son, Nate, is already in his Tiny Tigers Taekwondo class. I’ve missed 10 minutes of his class, but I’m just glad I made it. The excitement on his face when he sees me there is all that matters.

6:15PM We should be on our way to football conditioning practice for Joshua, but today is just one of those days (and it’s 100 degrees outside). We decide to skip today’s practice and instead opt to go home and have dinner. Today is easy—pizza day! I love to cook, but today we are going for convenience. While the kids eat, I put away laundry and start another load. It’s a never-ending vicious cycle!

6:25PM Nate is talking with his brothers and says he doesn’t have to listen me. He gets put in timeout after talking back to me, and he throws a crying fit.

6:30PM Nate is done throwing his fit and proudly announces that he is going to play “Fireman Sam” now. Oh how I love how toddlers can change their moods at the drop of a hat.

6:40PM Chelsea and Millie are home. In case you haven’t done the math yet, that makes us a family of eight living in this house. Nate is so happy to see Millie, and it quickly turns into toddler talk, Paw Patrol time and trying to see who can whistle and snap.

7:25PM Snack time for the toddlers—freshly picked grapes from my garden—and then it’s bath time for both of them.

8:30PM I have just finished reading a book to Nate and tucking him in for the night. He is getting good at stalling these days. He asks for just one more hug and then asks for one more kiss. Once he is finally happy and I know he will stay in bed, I decide to get a quick workout in since it didn’t happen this morning. I run 3 miles around the neighborhood and make it back home just before the last bit of sunlight is gone.

9:45PM After showering, I finally think I can settle down and relax—well, almost. Time to fold laundry and start another load.

10PM I finally get to sit down on the couch and watch Handmaid’s Tale with my husband.

11:15PM I hear Nathan crying upstairs. I go to check on him, and he tells me he wants some milk and has to go to potty. After a trip back downstairs to grab a cup of milk and then a potty break, I tuck him back in and tell him goodnight. I almost make it out the door, and he yells, “Mom, I need one more kiss!” One more kiss and back downstairs to finish watching TV.

11:25PM I realize I never had dinner, but I’m too tired now to make anything. Then I’m instantly grateful for the sandwich I made this morning that Joshua didn’t want.

11:48PM Last load of laundry in the dryer, and time for bed.

Fast Facts

What she’s reading Do my kid’s bedtime books count? I’ve read Oliver Jeffers’ How to Catch a Star and Lost and Found every day for the past three weeks.
Best vacation Jamaica with the husband; Sea World with the family
Who she likes on Instagram Will Smith
Favorite indulgence Pedicure or massage
What’s iher Netflix queue Stranger Things
Where she goes for retail therapy I don’t even have to go anywhere—Amazon!
Favorite movies Dirty Dancing and Grease
Favorite date night Pretty much anything that involves food or dancing
Beverage of choiceCoke Zero or bloody mary
Favorite scent Lavender
Words she lives by “Everything happens for a reason” and “There is a solution to every problem.”
Biggest pet peeve Not replacing the toilet paper roll or putting it on the wrong direction
What she does when life gets stressful Jog or run
Motherhood in five wordsMost rewarding and difficult job
How she and AJ met I asked him what it was going to take for him to notice me, and apparently that’s what it took!
If she had to change careers, she’d be a Forensic investigator

Image courtesy of Yvette Ramirez