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Fore at Four

Does your secret idea of retirement include traveling the Nation’s most highly esteemed golf courses—following your child’s career in the PGA/LPGA? 

If your son or daughter is showing an early interest in golf (or perhaps you’d like them to … ), we happen to know that even a 2-year-old can swing a golf club at Golden Bear Golf Center in Carrollton. Trained by the best of the best (aka Hank Haney), instructor Wes Francis now shares his love of golf with kids in the North Texas area, training tiny Tigers as young as 2 and 3 years of age. Francis’ group classes are available for both boys and girls ages 5 and older.  For $120 per month, kids will receive anywhere from 6 to 8 one hour classes.  For children younger than 5 years of age, private lessons are available for $70 per hour or can be purchased in bulk at a discount. Hey, if Tiger Woods started golf lessons at age 2 and it still took him 18 more years to reach elite status, the earlier you put those clubs in their hands, the better! For more information about classes or to sign up your tot, visit www.wesfrancisgolfpro.com; 469/450-1466.