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Float On!

The Dead Sea is just a hop, skip and an overnight plane ride away. For those of you who’d rather reap the benefits of the briny body of water without having to get frisked by the TSA, Adrift Float Spa brings the wonders of salt therapy to Big D. The urban oasis recently opened its doors to give Dallasites a chance to feel relaxed and renewed by basking in one of their float tanks. The reason you float is due to the 800 pounds of Epsom salt that’s poured in, causing the water to be denser than, well … you. (Think oil and water—but you’re the oil.) The water is 93.5 degrees Fahrenheit, the same temp as your skin, to “create a feeling of oneness with the water.” Whether you decide to let go in total darkness or in conjunction with underwater light therapy and soothing tunes is up to you.