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mom with kids getting fitness fix at we yogis

Fitness Fixes with Childcare in DFW

A common goal amongst people at the start of a new year is to get back in shape. But if you’re a mom or dad of little ones, it can be difficult to find something for them to do while you’re getting your sweat on. So we asked our mommy blogger Morgan to give us some of her recommendations for where to get your fitness fixes with childcare.

You know that feeling when lunges around the house just won’t cut it as your fitness fix anymore? You want, you need someone else to tell you what to do for the next hour? Momma doesn’t want to make any decisions right now—she just wants to sweat-slash-flush the body and mind, and have an hour away from the kid(s). (And everyone else for that matter.) 

Turns out, you still have to decide what to do with your littles to get your self-improvement time in. You have to preplan. Waking up at an ungodly hour? Partner coming home at a different time? How motherhood tests one’s skills in logistics! 

For overall wellness, you need committed time in thought and action on how your physical body is functioning. Not currently setting aside at least one dedicated hour a week for movement? I will discuss this with you later.

It may take time to sort out optimal operating rhythms for your family, but thankfully, solutions can be found. Maybe you need to get creative. Maybe you will have to try something new. 

So here are some spots around DFW that help solve a piece of the childcare versus fitness dilemma. (Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list. ) So let’s get after it!


Fight me all you want, but learning the basics of yoga will only help your body in the long run. There is a reason it has not fallen out of vogue for decades. Go get your om on.

We Yogis // Two locations in Dallas

Childcare is offered during many of their daily classes (seven days a week), save early morning classes for a $5 fee. They also have classes for the family to get your little exposed to this centuries old movement practice. 

Samatone Yoga // Addison

You must reserve childcare space prior to class participation—policies take a minute to review—but childcare lasts for two hours! 

Boutique Fitness

These are franchises and stand-alone operations that teach a singular, often branded, movement technique. Because many of these studios want to capture women age 25–55, some have created a childcare option to get you in the class. Policies and childcare offerings will likely vary by location. A quick call will help you out.

Barre 3 // Multiple locations

A franchise out of Portland, this barre technique has a great blend of movement. These studios have a Play Lounge for minors for a $5 fee. Reservations are recommended and Play Lounge times vary at each location, call for details. 

The Bar Method // Multiple locations

An old faithful barre class that will have your muscles quivering. Childcare is offered at some, but not all, locations. Check your local studio schedule.

Big Box Gyms

In the age of ClassPass, we often forget bigger gym settings offer a myriad of options for fitness, and they often have childcare solutions. 

Equinox // Multiple locations

For an additional fee to your membership—think $12ish per day—you can deposit your kid at their kid’s club. Weekday hours are between 8am–2pm and 4pm–8pm with abbreviated weekend hours. This can get you your personal trainer, group fitness, pilates, yoga, spa and sauna time.

Lifetime Athletic // Multiple locations

Their child center cost is an additional fee to your membership (around $15 per month), and your child can stay for up to two hours. They have policies in place for safety at child pick up too. Additionally, they often have arts and crafts, creative movement and age group specific programing while you work out. They even hold parents night out events at no extra cost to your membership. 

YMCA // Multiple locations

There is a reason the Y has been a fixture in communities for generations. Their family-friendly programming will foster positive associations for your kiddos with a healthy lifestyle. Contact your local YMCA to discover specific offerings. 

One-on-One Instruction

Personal trainers and private session settings may be a solid choice in this situation. Often, if your child is of an age where they can entertain themselves quietly with a book or iPad for an hour, your trainer may allow them to tag along. Be aware it may be hard for your little to sit on their hands with all the cool stuff in the fitness space to play with. And remember: You must ask before showing up out of courtesy and from a liability standpoint, and business owners have the right to refuse. However, particularly during off-peak hours, many of us are OK with your little sitting in the corner as we work with you individually, especially during an emergency childcare situation (all assuming your kid is not ill).

Health Care Groups

Pre/postnatal and Mommy and Me classes are alive and well through healthcare providers getting in on the wellness game. This is ideal if you are looking to meet other moms to create community, particularly while your kids are very little. 

Check out Texas Health Resources or Baylor’s fitness and wellness classes around the metroplex.

Additional Considerations

Not all childcare services are created equal—services at your choice of workout destination can range from simple babysitting services to experienced and educated providers. You may wish to ask if the location runs detailed background checks and if they can accommodate children with specific needs. Think about your comfort level and that of your child while considering your options. 

Many studios hold early morning and late evening classes. If you are craving a specific format and your favorite spot doesn’t offer a class at a time that you need, search competitors to see if they have a class time that does work for you. 

Most studios and gyms allow minors to join your workout once they are 13- or 14-years-old. Consider this for your older kids, or for the future!

Morgan Palmer Bolton has taught Pilates and fitness since 2008 for major industry leaders in New York, London and Dallas, including Equinox, Flywheel Sports, Physique 57 and Barrecore in the UK. She holds a BFA in Dance Performance from Southern Methodist University and is a PMA-CPT certified Pilates instructor. She is currently teaching classical Pilates at Pilates Methodology in Uptown Dallas, and is also an adjunct lecturer for the Division of Dance at SMU. Morgan is currently in the process to become a Lead Trainer for the esteemed Real Pilates Teacher Training program created by Alycea Ungaro out of New York City. You can reach Morgan through her website www.abeautifulstep.com and Instagram @abeautifulstep and @iammorganpb.

Photo courtesy of Jazmin Flores.