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Falcons Field Park in Frisco

Overall Grade: A (20 points/ 24 points)

Two large playground structures
Rock climbing wall
+ Basketball court
+ Soccer field
+ Near biking trails
+ Learning activities
 No rules posted
 No age limitations

This massive playground, built in 2006, is located in the Grayhawk community nestled next to Boals Elementary School and features an adjacent and convenient parking lot. The park, which feels more like a childhood oasis, features two large playground structures, swings, a basketball court and a soccer field, as well as a biking trail that circles the park. The playground structure consists of a rock climbing wall, several swings, and multiple slides and monkey bars all of which are well kept. Educational elements include a map of the world and musical instruments for children to enjoy. Falcons Field Park also features a lovely shaded area with picnic tables, a drinking fountain and BBQ sets, which are perfect for weekend family outings. 1911 Spirit Falls Dr., Frisco.

*Based on the National Program for Playground Safety’s Report Card at playgroundsafety.org
This review was distributed to the City of Frisco Parks and Recreation for further review and/or action.

Published September 2013