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Fairfax Park in Highland Park

If you’re looking for a refuge from the sun and the city bustle you can find it at Highland Park’s Fairfax Park. Located at the northeast corner of Beverly Drive and Roland Avenue, this park is the calm to the crazed traffic of the Dallas North Tollway that zooms by just on the other side of the brick wall that separates the two. Most of the visitors walk from their homes to this park that features playgrounds for both age groups (2–5 and 5–12), but there are also a few parking spaces available. You will find people playing tennis on the nearby courts and moms chatting on benches nestled in the shade as they watch their little ones swing around on the tire swing or zip down the slides. A nice patch of green is available for a game of soccer or tag and a half-court basketball court is there if your older kid is bored with playgrounds. This park invites you out of the sun and into an oasis of outdoor fun.

This review was distributed to the City of Highland Park Parks and Recreation for further review and/or action.