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Expedition: Parenthood

Doctor confirms that my recent aversion to co-worker’s perfume isn’t just in my head—I’m pregnant. Let the journey begin!

10 weeks / Dreaming in Pink
Made a “gender wager” with husband. The odds are stacked in my favor thanks to IntelliGender (an at-home test that determines baby’s sex with 90-percent accuracy). I win! $34.95 at Target, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy and online www.intelligender.com

4 months / Pickles, Ice Cream (and Peanut Butter!) 
Who knew cravings kicked in so early? Starting prenatal fitness class to battle the bulge. Mamaste Yoga, Flower Mound. 419/305-5708; www.mamasteyoga.comThe Yoga Hut, Denton. 940/783-7757; www.dentonyogahut.comYoga Island, Flower Mound. 972/724-9642; www.yogaisland.com.

6 months / Mama Needs Massage 
A friend commented on my widening waistline. Going to treat myself to a massage to ease the aches and pains—emotional and physical. Denton Bodywork, Denton. 940/453-5805; www.dentonbodywork.comSultera Spa, Flower Mound. 972/899-5300; www.suteraspa.com.

7 months / Loving the View 
Spend some 4-D face time with baby. She’s inherited my grandmother’s button nose! First Vu Ultrasound, Plano. Visions of Love Ultrasound, Denton. 940/387-2229; www.visionsofloveultrasound.com

8 months / Oh, Behave! 
Lunched with girlfriend and her (wayward) toddler. Signed up for parenting classes to avoid future headaches. Center for Parent Education at the University of North Texas, Denton. 940/565-2432; www.coe.unt.edu/cpe.

9 months / Do Away With Danger
Husband gets mild electric shock while shaving. Baby proofing our home is now top priority! Infant House, North Texas. 866/463-2685; www.infanthouse.com.

After 16 hours of labor, our little bundle of joy (with surprising lung power) is here.

2 weeks old / Where’s the Snooze Button?
Bouncing back after baby is more exhausting than expected. Call in a night nanny to score some extra shut-eye. Mom’s Best Friend, North Texas. 972/446-0500l; www.mbfagency.comNanny For Newborns, North Texas. 877/626-6987; www.nannyfornewborns.comSittercity, North Texas. 888/748-2489; www.sittercity.com.

1 month old / Drowning in Diapers
Ugh! Diaper expense is about to exceed the national debt. Decide to try the laundry-free cloth-diapering route. Blue Bonnet Diaper Service, North Texas area. 940/637-2026; www.bluebonnetdiaperservice.com

5 months old / All Signs Say ‘Yes’
Must cultivate baby’s obvious genius with baby signing classes. Wee Hands, North Texas (in-home classes available). 214/762-5652; www.weehands.com.

10 months old / Start the Slim Down
No longer have newborn as an excuse for pregnancy pounds. Time to fit into my favorite pair of pre-baby jeans. Stroller Fit, Frisco. 866/222-9348; www.strollerfit.comStroller Strides, Grapevine. 866/348-4666; www.strollerstrides.net.